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10 ramadan city 10th of ramadan city
1 `ezbet has salib 257)izbat ahmad `ali `udah
6 october city aÇŁabd el-gilil
aba al waqf ab`adiyat ar rawdah
ab`adiyat damanhur ab`adiyat darawah
ab`adiyet damanhur ab`adiyet el-roda
aba el-waqf `abbad sharuna
`abbad sharunah abbasa
abbasa `abbasah
`abbas al `aqqad `abbas el-`aqqad
abbasia el gharbia abbasia el sharqia
abbasieh `abbasiya
abbasiyah `abbasiyeh
abbig abbij
`abd al `azižim abu al `ata `abd al halim mahmud
`abd al hamid `ayyash `abd el-`azim abu el-`ata
`abd el qadir `abd el-rahman
`abd el-wahhab `abdin
abgig abgul
abhit abhit al hajar
abhit el-hagar abidus
abis abis al mustajaddah
abis el-mustagadda abistu
abjij abjul
abnub abnud
abou hommos abou kir
abshish absug
absuj abtuga
abtujah abtuk
abu al `abbas abu al `abbas
abu al gharr abu al ghayt
abu al hidr abu al juhur
abu al khawi abu al matamir
abu al matamir al bahri abu an najah
abu an numrus abu ar rish bahri
abu ar rish qibli abu ash shuqaf
abu ash shuquq abu as sir
abu `awali abu `awali wa minshatuha
abu aweigila abu aweigla
abu `aziz abu `aziz
abu bakr abu bakr as siddiq
abu bisht abu darba
abu da'ud al `inab abu da'ud as sibakh
abu dawud al `inab abu dawud as sibakh
abu dawud el-`inab abu dawud el-sibakh
abu dhi'ab abu diffiya
abu diffiyah abu dinqash
abu dishisha abu diyab
abu diyab sharq abu dura
abu durba abu durbah
abu durra abu durrah
abu el-`abbas abu el-gharr
abu el-gheit abu el-guhur
abu el hidr abu el-khaui
abu el-khawi abu el-khazr
abu el matamir abu el-matamir el-bahari
abu el-nagah abu el-numrus
abu el rish bahari abu el rish qibli
abu el shequq abu el-shugaf
abu el-shuqaf abu el-shuquq
abu el-sir abu `elwet-matamir
abu en numrus abu er rish bahari
abu er rish qibli abu esh-shuqaf
abu esh shuquq abu fa'r
abu galal abu gandir
abu ghalib abu ghanima
abu ghanim abu ghanimah
abu ghusun abu ginshu
abu girg abu gurgas
abu hammad abu hammad al mahattah
abu hammad el mahatta abu handal
abu hariz abu hawr
abu hileifa abu himar al kabir
abu hirayz abu hireiz
abu hizam abu hor
abu hulayfah abu humar el-kebir
abu huminus abu hummus
abu humus abu hutaybah
abu jandir abu jaridah
abu jayid abu jinshu
abu jirj abu junshu
abu kabir abu kalbush
abukasah abu kaylah
abu kebir abu kerkae
abu khalifah abu khalil
abu kharash abu khurs
abukir abu kirkas
abu kisah abu ksah
abu kullus abu kuraiyim
abu kurayyim abu mandur
abu mangug abu manjuj
abu manna` bahari abu manna` bahri
abu manna` gharb abu manna` qibli
abu manna` sharq abu mashhur
abu mas`ud abu nish-shaba
abu nushshabah abu omar
abu qalta abu qaltah
abu qaramit abu qaramit
abu qatatah abu qir
abu-qirqas abu qurqas
abu rabih abu ragwan
abu ragwan el-bahari abu ragwan el-qibli
abu rajab abu rajwan al bahri
abu rajwan al qibli abu raqaba
abu raqabah wa kafruha abu rauwash
abu rawwash abu roash
abu rudays abu rudeis
abu ruwash abu ruwaysh
abu ruweish abu saht
abu salih abu samada
abu saneita abu sari
abu sharban abu shekuk
abu shineina abu shunaynah
abu shurban abu shusha
abu shushah abu si`ayfah
abu sidhum abu si`eifa
abu simadah abu simbel
abu simbil abu sinbil
abu sinbil abu sineita
abu sir abu sir al malaq
abu sir bana abu sir difinnu
abu sir el malaq abu snaytah
abu su`ayfah abu sultan
abu sumbul abu sunbul
abu suwayr al mahattah abu suweir-el-mahatta
abu tabl abu taha
abu taha abu tamada
abu tamadah abu tawala
abu tig abu tij
abu tisht abu tuwala
abu tuwalah abu `ujaylah
abu umuri abu yahya
abu yasin abu yihya
abu zaabal abu za`bal
abu zanimah abu zeid hasan
abu zeira abu zenima
abu zuneim abyar
abyuha abyuqa
abyuqa abyuqah
aby zniema achmant
ad dababishah ad dababiyah
ad dab`ah ad daba'ibah
ad daba`inah ad dabbah
ad dabbuniyah ad dab`iyah
ad dahasah ad dahashinah
ad dahhar ad dahrah
ad dahriyah ad dahriyah
ad dahriyah ad dahtamun
ad dakkah ad dalatun wa rizqat shams ad din
ad daljamun ad dama'irah
ad damayirah ad danabiq
ad danaqilah ad darakisah
ad daramalliyah ad darawiyah
ad daraziyah ad da'udiyah
ad dawakhiliyah ad dawalitah
ad dawaltah ad dawaykah
ad dayr ad dayr
ad dayr ad dayr
ad dayr al gharbi ad dayr ash sharqi
ad dayris wa kafr latif ad dibah
ad dibah ad didamun
ad dilinjat ad dimirdash
ad dimuqrat ad dinjuh
ad dirwatayn ad diwan
ad diyabiyah ad du`a'
ad duhayr ad duhayr
ad dukhaylah ad dumayyin
ad duqqi ad duwaykhat
ad duwayr ad duwayrat
adh dhi'abiyah adindan
a dumiin afnish
afwa aga
agami ag-hur el-kubra
ag-hur el-raml ag-hur el-sughra
aghurmi ahmadiyat abu al futuh
ahmadiyet abu el-futuh ahmad rami
ahmad shawqi ahmad `urabi
aja ajhur al kubra
ajhur ar raml ajhur as -ughra
akhmim akhmun
akhtab akoris
al ab`adiyah al `abadlah
al `abbasah al `abbasah al gharbiyah
al `abbasah ash sharqiyah al `abbasi
al `abbasiyah al `abbasiyah
al `abbasiyah al `abbasiyah al jadidah
al abqa`ayn al abshit
al `absi al adabiyah
al `ada'imah al `adawi
al `adayimah al `adiliyah
al `adl al `adliyah
al `adliyah wa kafr sulayman ghali al `afadirah
al aghanah al aghannah
al aha'iwah gharb al ahaywah gharb
al ahaywah sharq al ahmadiyah
al ahmadiyah al ahraz
al ahraz al `a'ishah
al `aja'izah al `ajami
al `ajamiyin al `ajuzah
al `ajuzayn al akhmiyin
al akhmiyin al akrad
al akrad wa bani zayd al `akrishah
al a`lam al `alamayn
al `alaqimah al `ali
al `allamiyah al `allamiyah
al `allaqi al `ama'idah
al amal al amal (nimrah thamaniyah)
al `amar al kubra al `amarinah
al `amaydah al ambarkab
al ambir alamein
al `amid al `amirah
al `amirah al `amiri
al `amiriyah al `amiriyah
al `amiriyah al amiriyah
al `amriyah al `anabir
al `anbariyah al anbutayn
al anjab al ansar
al `aqabah al kabirah al `aqabah as saghirah
al a`qab al aqadimah
al aqalitah al `aqari al bahriyah
al `aqliyah al `aqulah
al aqwaz al `araba al bahriyah
al `ara'ishiyah al jadidah al `araki
al a`ras al arba`in
al arba`in al arba`in
al arba` `izab al `aridah
al `arin al `arin al bahri
al `arin qibli al `arish
al `asafirah al `asa'id
al `asakirah al `asalitah
al `asaliyah al `asasif
al `asayid al ashmunayn
al ashmunin al ashraf al `asaliyah
al ashraf al ashraf al bahriyah
al ashrak al `ashshi
al `asirat al `asiyat
al aslab al `asluji
al 'assaniyah al `assarah
al `ataminah al `ataminah
al atarishah al `atawah al bahriyah
al `atawah al qibliyah al `atawi
al atawilah al atawlah wa bani `ilayj
al `atf al `atf
al `atf al `atiyat
al `atiyat al atlat
al `attarah al `awadiliyah
al `awa'isah al `awamir
al `awamir al `awamir bahri
al `awamir qibli al `awamrah
al `awanah al `awasijah
al `awawinah al `awfi
al `awja' al `awn
al awqaf al awsat samhud
al `awwamah al `awwamiyah
al `aya'ishah al `ayyadiyah
al ayyash al `ayyash al gharbi
al `ayyash ash sharqi al `ayyat
al `azab al `aza'izah
al `azayzah al `azazinah
al azbakiyah al `azimah (nimrah khamsah)
al `azizah al `azizah
al `aziziyah al `aziziyah
al `aziziyah al `aziziyah
al ba`aliwah al kabirah al ba`aliwah as saghirah
al badari al baddalah
al badhinjaniyah al badraman
al badrashayn al bahnasa
al bahri qamula al bahriyah
al bahsamun al bahw furayk
al ba`irat al bajalat
al bajhur al bajur
al bakarishah al bakatush
al bakha'itah al bakhanis
al bakkariyah al bakriyah
al balabish al balabish bahri
al balabish qibli al balad
al bala'izah al balakus
al balamun al balashun
al balayzah al bala`zitayn
al ballas al ballasi
al balyana al banawan
al bandarah al banna'
al banna'in al banzin 39
al baqliyah al baqqashin
al barabrah al baradi`ah
al baraghit al barahimah
al barajil al barajil
al baramun al baraniqah
al baraniqah al barba
al barba al barba al kubra
al barnuji al barqi
al barrani al barraniyah
al barsha al barud al gharbi
al barud ash sharqi al barudi
al barud wa awlad ilyas al basaliyah
al basaliyah bahri al basaliyah qibli
al basatin al basatin
al basaysah al bashnayn
al bashnin al basikiyah
al baslaqun al basqalun
al basrah al bastawi
al basyuniyah al batanun
al bawarik al bawiti
al bayad al bayadi
al bayadi wa al qaryah al bayadiyah
al bayadiyah al bayahu
al bayda' al baydah
al bayluq al bayrum
al bayyadiyah al bayyadiyah bi an nazižir
al bayyum al bihay
al bila`izitayn al bindariyah
al birashiyah al birba
al birba al birba al kubra
al birkah al bitaniyah
al bitayyah al brashieh
al buha al buhah
al buhah al bulaydah
al bu'rah al burah wa al hadaya
al burayjat al burdayah
al burghuthi al bahri al burghuthi
al burghuthi al qibli al burj
al burj al burjayah
al burumbul al busaylah
al busayli al busrat
al bustan al butah
al butakh al-dab`ah
alessandria alexandria
alexandrie al fadadinah
al fahmiyah al fahmiyin
al fajjalah al fant
al farafirah al faransawiyah
al farastaq al farrayin
al faruqiyah al faruqiyah
al faruqiyah al faruqiyah
al faruqiyah al fashn
al fathiyah al fawaqisah
al fawziyah al fayama'
al fayyum al fikriyah
al fir`awniyah al firdan
al fu'adiyah al fu'adiyah
al fuqaha' al fuqaha' al qibliyah
al fuqqa`i al furusat
al-fustat al ghabah
al ghabah al ghabah
al ghabishah al ghaffariyah
al ghana'im bahri al ghana'im qibli
al ghanayim al ghanimiyah
al gharabiwah al ghar
al gharaq al gharaq as sultani
al gharbi bahjurah al gharbi bi as salamiyah
al-ghardaqa al ghardaqah
al gharizat al gharraqah
al ghawasah al ghawwabin
al ghayatah al ghunamiyah
al ghunaymi al ghunaymiyah
al ghunaymiyah al ghunnamiyah
al ghurayyib al ghurayyib
al ghurayyib al ghuri
al ghusnah al haba'ishah
al habalisah al habilah abu nusayr
al hada'idah al hadaya
al haddad al haddadi
al haddayn al hadiqah
al hadiqah al hadrah
al hafa'ir al hafir
al haja'izah al hajar
al hajar al mahruq al hajarisah
al hajarisah al hajayzah
al hajir al hajjajiyah
al hajj qandil al hajj qindil
al hajz bahri al hajz qibli
al hakaminah al hakimiyah
al halabiyah wa nazlat mustafa bey al halafi
al halafi al halafi al kabir
al halamishah al halawani
al halawat al halfayah
al halfayah bahri al halfayah qibli
al hallafi al hallaqi
al hamadiyah al hamayidah
al hamidat al hamidiyah
al hamidiyah al jadidah al hammadah
al hammadah al kubra al hammadah as sughra
al hammad al hammad
al hammad ash sharqi al hammadiyah
al hammadiyin al hammam
al hammam al hammam
al hammam al hammamiyah
al hamra' al hamra'
al hamrah al hamrawi
al hamul al hamul
al hamuli al handasah
al hanuvil al haradinah
al haradinah al harafishah
al harajah al harajah bahri
al harajah bil qur`an al harajah qibli
al haram al harbi
al haridiyah al bahriyah al haridiyah
al haridiyah al qibliyah al hariri
al haris raqm sittah al haris raqm thalathah
al harizat al gharbiyah al harizat ash sharqiyah
al harrah al harraniyah
al hasafah al hasa'inah
al hasainah al hasa'inah
al hasamidah al hasanah
al hasanah al hasayinah
al hasaynah al hasaynah
al hassani al hassaniyah
al hassaniyah al haswah
al hatahitah al hawabir
al hawa'inah al kabirah al hawa'inah as saghirah
al hawamidiyah al hawarithah
al hawariyah al hawartah
al hawasiliyah al hawatikah
al hawawishah al hawawish
al hawd at tawil al hawmah
al hawrani al hawtah ash sharqiyah
al hay al hayatim
al haysamiyah al hayy
al hayz al hibah al gharbi
al hibah al hibah ash sharqi
al hibsh al hijaziyah
al hijz al hilf al gharbi
al hilfayah qibli al hillah
al hilmiyah al hilmiyah
al hima' al himas
al himmah al himran
al hindaw al hirajiyah
al hisanat al hisaniyah
al hisar al hisas
al hishah al hiwatah
al hiwatah al hiwatah ash sharifiyah
al hizaniyah al hubayl
al hubayl al hudud
al hujayrat al humah
al humr wa al ja`afirah alhurayzat al gharbiyah
alhurayzat ash sharqiyah al hurriyah
al husaniyah al husayniyah
al husayniyah al huseiniya
al huta al huta ash sharqiyah
al hutiyah al huwayhi
al ibrahimiyah al ibrahimiyah
al ibrahimiyah al ibrinji
al ibriqji al ibt
al idarah al `idwah
al `idwah al `idwah
ali el-gharbiya al ihsaniyah
`ali ibn abi talib al ikhmas
al ikhsas al ikhsas
al ikhsas al ikhsas al qibliyah
al ikhyiwwah al 'ilwasi
al `ilwiyah `alim
al imam al ghazali al imam al husayn
al iman al iman (t)
al `imarah al `imariyah
al `imayyid al `immah
al `inab as saghirah al inshasiyah
al `iqal al bahri al `iqal al qibli
al `iraq al `iraqiyah
al 'isaniyin al `isawiyah sharq
al isdiyah al iskandariyah
al islah al isma`iliya
al isma`iliyah al 'issah
al `itmaniyah al `izab
al `izbah al bahriyah al `izbah al bayda
al `izbah al bayda' al `izbah al bayda'
al `izbah al hamra' al `izbah al hamra'
al `izbah al jadidah al `izbah al jadidah
al `izbah al mustajiddah al `izbah wa al `arab
al `izzah al `izziyah
al ja`afirah al ja`afirah
al ja`afirah al ja`afirah
al jabalaw al jabirat
al jabiriyah al jabrawah
al jadidah al jafadun
al ja`fariyah al jahmah
al jala' al jalatimah
al jalawiyah al jalaylah
al jamalah al jamaliyah
al jamamilah al jamayilah
al jamhud al jami`
al janadilah al jarabi`
al jaradat al jarayisah
al jaridat al jarnus
al jarradin al jarraniyah
al jawabir al jawashinah
al jawhariyah al jawli
al jawsaq al jawwadiyah
al jaza'ir al jazazirah
al jazirah al gharbiyah al jazirah
al jazirah al jazirah al khadra'
al jazirah al khadra' al jazirah ash shaqra'
al jazirah ash sharqiyah al jaziriyah
al jibab al jiddiyah
al jimaliyah al jizah
al jubayrat al judayyidah
al jummayzah al junaynah
al jundiyah al juyushi
al ka`abi al jadidah al ka`abi al qadimah
al kafr al bahri al kafr al bahri
al kafr al jadid al kafr al jadid
al kafr al jadid al kafr
al kafr al qadim al kafr al qibli
al kafr ash sharqi al kallahin
al kama'ishah al kamal
al kamal (nimrah sab`ah) al ka`mat
al kamayishah al kana'is
al kana'is al kanayis
al karakat al kardud
al karm al gharbi al karm ash sharqi
al karnak al karnak
al karyun al kawadi
al kawamil al kawamil bahri
al kawamil qibli al kawamil qibli
al kawlah al kawm al ahmar al bahri
al kawm al ahmar al kawm al ahmar
al kawm al ahmar al kawm al ahmar
al kawm al ahmar al kawm al ahmar
al kawm al ahmar al kawm al ahmar al qibli
al kawm al akhdar al kawm al akhdar
al kawm al akhdar al kawm al akhdar
al kawm al asfar al kawm at tawil
al khadimiyah al khadrah
al khalafiyah al khala'ifah
al khalfiyin al khalidiyah
al khalij al khaliliyah
al khama'ishah al khamasah
al khamsah al khananisah
al khankah al kharaniqah
al kharaqaniyah al-kharga
al kharijah al khashashinah
al khatatibah al khattabi
al khattarah al khattarah
al khattarah al kubra al khattarah as sughra
al khawajat al khawalid
al khawalid al khawr
al khayriyah al khayyam
al khazandariyah al khazzan
al khilalah al khirbah
al khirbah al khirs
al khis al khiyam
al khiyariyah al khudariyah
al khudayri al khulayfiyah
al khurman al khushshah
al khushu`i al khusus
al kibrit al kifah
al-kifah al kilabat ash sharqiyah
al kilabiyah al gharbi al kilabiyah
al kilabiyah ash sharqi al kilaniyah
al kilh al kilh gharb
al kilh sharq al kirsah
al kitkatah al kubaniyah
al kuddayah al kunayyisah
al kunayyisah al kunayyisah
al kuntillah al kurama
al kurama' al kurama
al kurama' al kuraymat al bahriyah
al kuraymat al kuraymat al qibliyah
al kurdi al kurdul
al kushh al kutamiyah
'allabah al labbani
al lahun al lawiyah
al lisht al ma`abidah
al ma`adi al ma`ali
al ma`allah al ma`alwah
al ma`arri al madabigh
al madamud al madinah al fikriyah
al madiq al madmar
al madwar al mahallah al kubra
al mahallah al mahamidah
al mahamid al mahariq
al mahasinah al gharbiyah al mahasinah
al mahdi al mahdiyah
al mahmudiyah al mahmudiyah
al mahras al mahrusah
al mahrusah al mahsamah al jadidah
al mahsamah al qadimah al majabirah
al majaz al majaz ash sharqi
al majazir al makanah
al makhadimah al makha'id
al makhzan al maks al bahri
al maks al maktilah
al malahiyah al malaqah
al malaqah raqm 1 al malaqah raqm 2
al malihah al maliki
al malikiyin al qibliyah al mallahah
al ma`murah al manashi
al manashi al manashilah
al manashi wa `arramiyat al khudayri al manawat
al manayil al manayyah
al mandarah al mandarah
al mandarah al mandarah bahri
al mandarah qibli al mandurah
al manhar al manshah
al manshi al manshiyah al bahriyah
al manshiyah al ibrahimiyah al manshiyah al jadidah
al manshiyah al jadidah al manshiyah al jadidah
al manshiyah al manshiyah
al manshiyah al manshiyah
al manshiyah al manshiyah
al manshiyah al manshiyah al qibliyah
al manshiyah as sughra al mansurah
al mansurah al mansuriyah
al mansuriyah al manyal
al manyal al manyal
al manzalah al manzalah
al manzilah al maqati`
al maraghah al marasfah
al marashidah al maraziqah
al maraziqah al maraziq
al maris al marj
al marwah al masa`id
al ma`sarah al mahattah al ma`sarah
al ma`sarah al ma`sarah
al ma`sarah al ma`sarah
al ma`sarah al masha'i`ah
al masha`ilah al mashariqah
al mashawidah al mashay`ah
al masid al abyad al masid
al maslub al maslub
al masna` al mas`udi
al matahirah al bahriyah al matahirah al qibliyah
al matahirah ash sharqiyah al matahrah al bahariyah
al mataniyah al matariqah
al matariyah al matariyah
al matawi`ah al matwah
al mawaddah al mawajid
al mawatin almay
al maymunah al maymun
almaza al mazar
al mazari`ah al mazghunah
almazižah al mihi
al minasafur al minshat al jadidah
al minshat al kubra al minshat al kubra
al minshat al kubra al minshat al kubra
al minshat as sughra al minshat as sughra
al minshat as sughra al minshilayn
al minya al minya
al minya al minyah
al miqallah al mirsah
al mirsah wa al khashashnah al misah
al misandah al misawiyah
al misayri raqm ithnayn al misayri raqm wahid
al misin al mitmar
al mu`addiyah al mu`allah
al mu`arqab al mu`aysirah
al mufarrijiyah al muhammadiyah
al muhammadiyah al muhandisin
al muharraqah al muhmudiyah
al mujaffaf al-mukattam city
al mukhtalatah al mulaqqatah
al mu'minin al munajah al kubra
al munajah al munajat al kubra
al munajat as sughra al munasirah
al munayyar al munirah
al muqarrabiyah al muqata`ah
al muqatifiyah al muqatilah
al murabi`in al murab`in
al murayj al musa`adah
al musaylihah al musharrak qibli
al mu`tamadiyah al mu`tamadiyah
al muthallath al muti`ah
al muwansah al-muzghumah
al qabbari al qabuti
al qaddabah al qaddabi
al qahirah al qahir
al qal`ah al qal`ah
al qalaj al qalamun
al qalashi al qalawat
al qalyubiyah al qamadir
`alqam al qammanah
al-qanatarah east al qanatir al khayriyah
al qanatirin al qanayat
al qantarah al gharbiyah al qantarah
al qantarah ash sharqiyah al-qantarah gharb
al qaradah al qarah
al qaramitah gharb al qaramus
al qaraqirah al qaraqrah
al qarawi al qaraya
al qarayshah al qarinayn
al qarinayn al qaryah al markaziyah
al qaryah al qaryah al qibliyah
al qaryah ar rabi`ah ar ra'isiyah al qaryah bi ad duwayr
al qaryah raqm 6 al qasabah
al qasabah ash sharqiyah al qasabi
al qashshish al qashtah
al qasimiyah al qasr al akhdar
al qasr al qasr
al qasr al qasr
al qasr al qasr
al qasriyah al qasr wa as sayyad
al qassasin al qadimah al qassasin
al qata al qata'i`
al qatayi` al qatshah
al qatta al qattawiya
al qattawiyah al qayat
al qays al qaytun
al qazaqizah al qibab al kubra
al qibab as sughra al qibabat
al qibli qamula al qinawiyah
al qiratiyah al qubabat
al qubaybah al qubaysat
al qubbah al qudah
al quddabi al quhuqiyah
al qulzum al qulzum
al quni al qur`an
al qurashiyah al qurashiyah
al quratiyin al qurayn al jadidah
al qurayn al qurayn wa tawahin al haysamiyah
al qurayyah al qurmah
al qurnah al-qusah
al qusaymah al qusayr
al qusayr al qusiyah
al qustantiniyah al qutnah
al quturi al rahmaniyah
al-salum al-sayyidah zaynab
al taftish al awwal al tawila
al-tur al `ubaydiyah
al `udar al `udaysat
al `ulayqat al `ulwiyah
al umbarakab al `umdah
al `umdan al `umraniyah
al `umur al `uqab
al `uqbiyin al `uqdah
al `uqlah al bahriyah al uqsur
al `urban al urman
al urman al usayfir
al `usluji al `utayyat
al `uthmaniyah al `uthmaniyah
al `uwaydat al `uwaynah
al `uyun al wa`adilah
al wadi al wafa'
al wafa'iyah al wafaydah
al wahhal al wahliyah al kabirah
al wahliyah as saghirah al walaja
al walajah al walidiyah
al wana'isah al waqat
al waqdah al waqf
al waqf al waqf wa al qilaminah
al waraq al wardiyan
al wasitah al wasitah
al wasta al wasta
al wastaniyah al wat
al wayasifah al waziriyah
al widy al widy wa kafr ad dismi
al wihdah al wisam
al yaman al yasiniyah
al yusufiyah al yusufiyah
ama amberkab
amiriya amria
`amrit `amrus
amshul amyut
-anafir anglo egyptian `ezba
anglo egyptian land company `ezba `ank
`ank an na`aminah
an naghamish an nahhal
an nahhariyah an nahhasin
an naj` al wastani an najayrah
an najjarin an najmah
an nakharin an nakhkhas
an nakhl an nakkariyah
an namasa an namrut
an naqidi an nasa'imah
an nashw al bahri an nasimiyah
an nasirah an nasir
an nasiriyah an nasiriyah
an nasiriyah an nasiriyah
an nasiriyah an nasiriyah
an nassariyah an nattaf
an nawafi`ah an nawahid
an nawamis an nawamis
an nawamis wa marawinat an nasara an nawawirah
an nawiyah an nazlah al jadidah
an nazlah al mustajiddah an nazlah
an nazlah an nazlah
an nazl an nazlat
an nazlawi an nihayah
an ni`na`iyah an niqrash
an nubariyah an nubayrah
an nujaylah an nujayli wa awlad ash shaykh
an nuju` an nukhaylah
an nu`maniyah an nur
an nuwayrah an nuwayrah
anza el-qalala aphrodites
aphroditopolis apollinopolis magna
apollinopolis parva apollonopolis magna
apollonopolis parva `arab `ababda
`arab `ababidah `arab `abayda
`arab `abd el kirim ruhaiyim `arab abu sa`id
`arab abu tawila `arab abu tawilah
`arab al `ababdah `arab al `ababidah
`arab al `aba'idah `arab al `aliqat al bahriyah
`arab al `aliqat `arab al `aliqat
`arab al `amarinah `arab al `atiyat al bahriyah
`arab al `atiyat `arab al bakha'itah
`arab al fawarisah wa al `itwah `arab al hanafi
`arab al hisar `arab `ali `abdalla
`arab `ali `abd el saiyid `arab al `itwah
`arab al jababirah `arab al jabayrah
`arab al jahmah `arab al ma``azah
`arab al ma`azi `arab al muqabilah
`arab al qadadih `arab al qanatir
`arab al yaman `arab an nama'irah
`arab ar raml `arab ash shanabilah
`arab ash shaykh zayd `arab ash shaykh zayid
`arab as saff `arab as salmaniyah
`arab as sawalihah `arab as subaykhah
`arab at tarabin `arab at tataliyah
`arab at turbah `arab bikhwag
`arab bikhwaj `arab el `ababda
arab el `aligat `arab el- `aliqat
`arab el `aliqat el bahariya `arab el `amarna
`arab el `atiyat el bahariya `arab el- `awayda
`arab el-ayayda `arab el `azagza
`arab el bakhayta arab el-fawarsa and el-` itwa
`arab el-gababra `arab el gahma
`arab el-hanafi `arab el-hawan
`arab el-hisar `arab el-hiweitat
`arab el-hlaar `arab el-`itwa
arab el kallahin `arab el-khilwa
`arab el-kilabat `arab el-muqabla
`arab el-namayra `arab el-qanatir
`arab el-qumi`i `arab el-raml
`arab el-saff `arab el salmaniya
`arab el sawalha `arab el shanabla
`arab el-sheikh zeid `arab el sibha
`arab el subeikha `arab el-tarrabin and del-mughazi
`arab el tirba `arab el-turba
`arab er-raml `arab ghammazah al kubra
`arab giheina wa el-sawalih `arab hamada
`arab hatim `arab juhaynah wa as sawalih
`arab kawm al birkah `arab kom el-birka
`arab miteir `arab muhammad `abd el qadir
`arab mu`min shireil `arab musa yusef
`arab musa yusuf `arab mutayr
`arab najm hamad `arab nigm hamad
`arab saqr arab uskur
`arab ya`qub mahmud -arawah
armanat armaniya
armaniyah armant
armant el waburat armant gharb
armant sharq arminna
ar radisiyah bahri ar radisiyah qibli
ar radsiyah qibli ar rafay`ah
ar rafshah ar raghamah
ar rahaminah ar rahawi
ar rahib ar rahibayn
ar rahmaniyah ar rahmaniyah
ar rahmaniyah ar rahmaniyah qibli
ar rahmaniyyah ar ra'isiyah
ar rajabiyah ar rajayibah
ar rajdiyah ar ramadi bahri
ar ramadi qibli `arramiyat ad diwan
`arramiyet el diwan ar ramlah
ar raml ar raqabah
ar raqaqinah ar raqaqinah bi ash shawahin
`arraqat hamid ar rashidah
ar raswah ar rawajhiyah
ar rawaqah ar rawashidiyah
ar rawatib ar rawdah
ar rawdah ar rawdah
ar rayayinah al mu`allaq ar rayayinah
ar rayayinah ar rayayinah bi al hajir
ar rayaynah al mi`allaq ar raydaniyah
ar rayramun ar ridan
ar ridisiyah bahari ar ridisiyah qibli
ar rikabiyah al jadidah ar rikabiyah
ar rimali ar riqqah al bahriyah
ar riqqah al gharbiyah ar riqqah
ar riqqah ash sharqiyah ar riyad
ar riyad ar riyad
ar riyad ar riyad
ar rizimat ar rizqah
ar ruba`iyin ar rub`
ar rub` ar rubdan
ar rubiyat ar ruwayhib
ar ruwayjat ar ruzayqat
arsinoe aryamun
as -abbah wa kafr ash shahid as`ad
as -alihiyah asasif
asdima asdimah
asfoun asfun al mata`inah
asfun el mata`na ashlim
`ashma ashmun ar rumman
ashmun ashmun el-rumman
ashruba ashrubah
ash sha`alah ash shabanat
ash shabasiyah ash shabburah 2
ash shaghabah ash shaghab
ash shaghanibah ash shaghaniyah
ash shahamah ash shahid `abd al mun`im riyad
ash shahid ahmad badawi ash shahidi
ash shahid muhammad `azzam ash shaja`ah
ash shallal ash shama'isah
ash shamariqah ash shamasimah
ash shamiyah ash shanabilah
ash shana'inah ash shanawiyah
ash shanaynah ash shara'inah
ash sha`rani ash sha`rawi
ash sharawinah al bahriyah ash sharawinah al qibliyah
ash sharawinah ash sharqayah
ash sharqi bahjurah ash sharqi samhud
ash shatibi ash shatt
ash shawadfah ash shawaka
ash shawashinah ash shawawlah
ash shawbak al ghaffarah ash shawbak al gharbi
ash shawbak ash sharq ash shawbak
ash shawbak ash shawiriyah
ash shawka ash shawkah
ash shawkah ash shawwafin
ash shayk fadl ash shaykh `abd allah
ash shaykhah mansiyah ash shaykh an najjar abu `ali
ash shaykh `awn allah ash shaykh barakah
ash shaykh da'ud ash shaykh dirgham
ash shaykh fadl ash shaykh hasan
ash shaykh husayn ash shaykh `ibadah
ash shaykh `isa ash shaykhiyah
ash shaykh jubayl ash shaykh makram
ash shaykh marzuq ash shaykh mas`ud
ash shaykh mas`ud ash shaykh mubarak
ash shaykh rahumah ash shaykh ridwan
ash shaykh salamah ash shaykh shibl
ash shaykh shubaykah ash shaykh timay
ash shaykh `uthman ash shaykh `uthman
ash shaykh yusuf ash shaykh zayn ad din
ash shaykh ziyad ash shihabiyah
ash shilan ash shimut
ash shin ash shinbab
ash shinnawiyah ash shi`sha`i
ash shishini ash shu`ara'
ash shu`ara' ash shu`ayrah
ash shu`ayyirah ash shubrawayn
ash shubul ash shuhada'
ash shuliyah ash shuntur
ash shuqqah ash shuqr
ash shura ash shurafa
ash shurafa ash shurafah
ash shushah ash shuwan
ashtilah askur
aslan asmaniya
asmaniyah asna
asphynis asriga
asrijah as sa`adat
as sa`a'idah al qibli as sa`a'idah
as sa`ayida as sab` abar al gharbiyah
as sab` abar ash sharqiyah as saba'i`ah
as sabakha as sabkhayah
as sabriyah as sabriyat
as sabtiyah as sa`dah
as sadd as sa`diyah
as sa`diyin as safa
as safa as safasif
as saff as saffayn
as safiyah wa mit al hamid as saghah
as sahafah as sahallah
as saharwah as sahil
as sahil bahri as sahil qibli
as sahrij as sa`i
as sa`idah as sa`idiyah al bahriyah
as sa`idiyah al qibliyah as sa`idiyah
as sa`idiyah as sakakini
as sakhrah as sal`a
as salahat as salahib
as salam as salam
as salamiyah al ha'it as salamuni
as salatinah as salhiyah
as salihiyah al jadidah as salihiyah
as salihiyah as salihiyah
as salimat as salimiyah
as salimiyah as sallum
as salmani as salmaniyah
as samahiyah al kubra as sama`inah
as sama'inah as samarah
as samarinah as samata
as samata as sanafin al bahriyah
as sanafin al qibliyah as sanafin
as sanajirah as saniyah
as santah as saqriyah
as sa`raniyah as saraqina
as saraya as saririyah
as sarw as sata'itah
as sawafinah as sawahijah
as sawahliyah as sawa'itah
as sawalih as sawalih
as sawalim al bahriyah as sawalim al bahriyah
as sawalim al qibliyah as sawalim
as sawami`ah gharb as sawami`ah sharq
as sawwaf as sayyad
as sayyad as sayyalah
as sayyar as sayyidah zaynab
as siba`iyah as sids
as sifaniyah as sihma
as siliyin as similawiyah
as sinaniyah as sinaytah
as sinbillawayn as sinbillawayn
as sinqari assiout
assiut as siwah
as siyafa assouan
assuan as subhah
as subhiyah as subu`
as sufayhah as sufiyah
assuit as sukkariyah
as sultan hasan as sultani
as sunaytah as sunbat
as sunbullawayn as surah
as su`udiyah as suwayni
as suways as suwwah
aswan aswan reservoir colony
asyut as zaqaziq
atah el nebi `ataminat al ja`afirah
atamna el ga`afra `atamnet el ga`afra
`ataqa `ataqah
atar el nabi atar en nabi
`atf abu gindi `atf abu jundi
atf `atfat haydar
`atf haydar `atf heidar
atf ifwa `atf ifwah
atfih athar an nabi
athar en nabi athribis
ath thamad atlamas
atlamis atris
at ta`awun awwal at ta`awun thani
at tabarani at tabbin
at tadamun `attaf
at taftish ath thani at tahirah
at ta'ifah at talibiyah
at talibiyah at talihat
at tall al ahmar at tall al ahmar
at tall al kabir at tall al kafr al gharbi
at tall as saghir at tall
at tallayn at tallin
at tanaghah at tanbawi
at taramisah at tarawi
at tarfayah at tarhah
at tarradiyah at tarranah
at tataliyah at tawabi`ah
at tawabiyah at tawabiyah
at tawd at tawfiqiyah
at tawfiqiyah at tawfiqiyah
at tawfiqiyah at tawilah
at tawilah at tayifah
at tayriyah at tayyibah
at tayyibah at tayyibah
at tell al kebir at timsahiyah
at tir`ah at tud
at tur at tuwayrat
at tuwaysah atwab
aulad `abdin aulad `ali
aulad `ali aulad `amr
aulad `azzaz aulad bahig
aulad dafir aulad deifalla
aulad el-`adawi aulad el-qadi
aulad el sheikh `ali aulad el-sheikh
aulad gharib aulad gubara
aulad hamam aulad hamza
aulad hana aulad ibrahim
aulad `ileiu aulad `ileiwa
aulad `ileiw aulad ilyas
aulad `isa aulad isma`il
aulad khala aulad khalaf
aulad khalaf aulad madi
aulad mihanna aulad musa
aulad nigm bahgura aulad nuseir
aulad nuseir aulad nuweir
aulad rayiq aulad sa`id
aulad salah aulad salama
aulad salama aulad salim
aulad salim bahari aulad salimna
aulad saqr aulad sarrar
aulad seif aulad sheikh
aulad shulul aulad sirag
aulad toq gharb aulad toq sharq
aulad yahya bahari aulad yihya
aulad yihya bahari aulad yihya qibli
ausim awaga
`awajah `awamir al `asirat
`awamir el `asirat aweina
awfir awish al hajar
awish el-hagar awlad `abidin
awlad al `adawi awlad `ali
awlad `amr awlad ash shaykh `ali
awlad ash shaykh awlad `azzaz
awlad bahij awlad dafir
awlad dayf allah awlad gharib
awlad hamam awlad hamzah
awlad hanah awlad ibrahim
awlad ilyas awlad `inan
awlad isma`il awlad jabbarah
awlad jibarah awlad khalaf
awlad khalaf awlad madi
awlad muhanna awlad musa
awlad najm al qibliyah awlad najm bahjurah
awlad nijm bahjurah awlad nusayr
awlad nusayr awlad nuwayr
awlad ra'iq awlad rayiq
awlad sa`id awlad salah
awlad salamah awlad salamah
awlad salim awlad salim bahri
awlad saqr awlad sarhan
awlad sarrar awlad sayf
awlad shaykh awlad shulul
awlad siraj awlad tawq gharb
awlad tawq sharq awlad tuq gharb
awlad `ulayyu awlad yahya bahri
awlad yahya qibli awsim
ayat azab al makhadah
`azala `azbat as sab`at kiman
`azbat as sirah `azbat khurshid
`azbat muhsin basha `azbat nubar pasha
`azbet tulaytlah aziž zižafir
aziž zižahiriyah aziž zižahiriyah
az za`atirah az zabadah
az zabu az za`faranah
az za`faran az za`farani
az zagazig az zahayrah
az zahra' al gharbiyah az zahra' ash sharqiyah
az zahra' az zahra'
az zahwiyin az zajam
az zamalik az zammar
az zamruniyah az zankalun
az zanqur az zaqaziq
az zarabi az zarabi
az zarah az zarqa
az zarqiyah az zarzamun
az zawa'idah az zawak al gharbiyah
az zawak ash sharqiyah az zawamil
az zawarah az zawiyah al hamra'
az zawiyah al khadra' az zawiyah al khadra'
az zawiyah az zawiyah
az zayarah az zaydiyah
az zaydiyah wa zawiyat nabit az zayniyah bahri
az zayniyah qibli az zaytiyah
az zaytun az zaytun
az zayyatin al qibliyah az zayyatin
az zibaydah az zibdah
az zirbi az zu`aqah
az zuhayri wa al `aw az zuk ash sharqiyah
az zurayqi az zurbi
bab al luq bab al-shar`iyah
bab ash sha`riyah bab el luk
bab el luq bab el sha`riya
babil badahl
badawai badaway
badrashen badr
badr baga
baghdad baha
bahabshin bahada
bahadah bahalil al jazirah
bahalil el gezira baharmis and el-sibil
baharmis baharmis wa as sabil
bahbashin bahbeit
bahbit al hijarah bahbit
bahbit el-higara bahgura
bahig bahig
bahij bahij
bahjurah bahnabai
bahnabay bahnai
bahnamoh bahnamuh
bahnaya bahqira
bahqirah bahqir
bahtim bahtit
baidif baja
bakhanis bakhati
bakus balankuma
balankumah balansura
balansurah balaqs
balaqtar al gharbiyah balaqtar
balaqtar el-gharbiya balasfura
balasfurah balat
balba` balkim
ballut balqas
baltim balyana
bamha bana abu sir
banadf ban al `alam
banawit banayus
bandar al mansurah bandar banha
bandar damanhur bandar el-mansura
ban el `alam banga
banha banhaw
bani `abbad bani `adi al bahriyah
bani `adi al qibliyah bani `adi
bani `affan bani ahmad
bani ahmad bani al hakam
bani `ali bani `amir
bani `amir bani `ammar
bani `ammar bani `atiyah
bani `awad bani `aysh
bani bakhit bani bakkar al bahriyah
bani bakkar al qibliyah bani fayz
bani fiz bani ghalib
bani ghani bani ghiryan
bani ghunaym bani hallah
bani hamad bani hani
bani haram bani harb
bani harun bani hasan al ashraf
bani hasan ash shuruq bani hasan
bani hilal bani hilal
bani hilal bani hilal
bani hudayr bani humayd
bani humayl bani husayn
bani husayn bani ibrahim
bani idris bani `imran wa nazlat muhammad samhan
bani ishbil bani `iyad
bani jurayy bani khalid al bahriyah
bani khalid bani khalid
bani khalil bani khilf
bani khiyar bani madi
bani majd bani majdul
bani mansur bani mazar
bani minayn bani muhammad ash sharqiyah
bani muhammadiyat bani muhammad rashid
bani muhammad sha`rawi bani mu'minah
bani munayn bani murr
bani musa bani musa
bani qasim bani quraysh
bani qurrah bani rafi`
bani razzah bani ridwan
bani ruh bani sa`id
bani salamah bani salih
bani salih bani salih
bani salih bani sami`
bani samit bani samraj
bani sanad bani sha`ran
bani shugayr bani shuqayr
bani sulayman al bahriyah bani sulayman ash sharqiyah
bani sumay` bani surayd
bani suwayf al jadidah bani suwayf
bani talib bani `ubayd
bani `ubayd bani `ulayj
bani `ulaym bani `umran wa nazlat samhan
bani `uthman bani wallams
bani wallims bani wirkan
bani wishah bani yahya bahri
bani za'id bani zar
bani zayd bani zayd buq
banja banjah
banub banub
banul baqarlank
baqlula baqlula
baqlulah baqlulah
baqsa baqur
barahma bar al hamam
baramkim barashim
barawa el waqf barawah al waqf
barawi bardala
bardalah bardanuha
bardis bardunet el ashraf
bar el-hamam barhamtush
barhim baris
barkheil barkhil
barmasha barnasht
barnis barq al `izz
barqata barq el- `izz
barqin barrage
barramiya barreyit el `aseifar
barrim barriyat al `ajuzayn
barriyat al asayfar barriyat al usayfir
barshum al kubra barshum as -ughra
barshum el-kubra barshum el-sughra
barsiq barut al baqar
barut barut el baqar
basandila basandilah
bashalush bashams
bashbish bashtil
bastara bastarah
bastat al `ajrud bastet el `agrud
basuna basunah
basus basyun
bata batamda
batamdah batn ihrit
batra batrah
bawit bawiti
bayad al `arab bayad an nasara
bayad el nasara bayad en nasara
baydif bayt al khuraybi
bayt `allam bayt dawud sahl
bayt khallaf bayy al `arab
beba beheira land company `ezba
beheiret el- qann behnesa
behnesch behnessa
beida beidif
beit `allam beit daud sahl
beit dawud sahl beit el khureibi
beit khallaf belat
belbeis benha
beni `abbad beni `adi
beni `adi beni `adi el bahariya
beni `adi el qibliya beni `affan
beni ahmad beni ahmad
beni `aish beni ali
beni `amir beni `amir
beni `ammar beni `ammar
beni `atiyo beni awad
beni bakkai el-qibliya beni bakkar el-bahariya
beni bakkar el-qibliya beni bikhit
beni el hakam beni feiz
beni ghalib beni ghani
beni ghiryan beni ghuneim
beni girai beni halla
beni hamad beni hani
beni haram beni harb
beni harun beni hasan
beni hasan beni hasan el ashraf
beni hasan el shuruq beni hasan esh shuruq
beni hassan beni hideir
beni hilal beni hilal
beni hilal beni hilal
beni himeil beni husein
beni husein beni `ibeid
beni ibeid beni ibrahim
beni ibrahim beni idris
beni `ileig beni `ileim
beni `imran and nazlet muhammad simhart beni ishbil
beni `itman beni `iyad
beni khahl beni khalid
beni khalid el bahariya beni khilf
beni khiyar beni madi
beni magd beni magdul
beni mazar beni minein
beni muhammad el sharqiya beni muhammadiyat
beni muhammad rashid beni muh sha`rawi
beni muh sha`rawl beni mumina
beni murr beni musa
beni musa beni qasim
beni qureish beni qurra
beni radwan beni rafi`
beni rizah beni roh
beni salama beni-saleh
beni salib beni salih
beni salih beni salih
beni salih beni samit
beni samrag beni sanad
beni selameh beni sha`ram
beni sha`ran beni shiqeir
beni shiquir beni shoqeir
beni simei` beni sinei`
beni sireid beni smei
beni souef beni sue
beni suef beni suliman el bahariya
beni suliman el sharqiya beni suliman esh sharqiya
beni suweif beni talib
beni wallims beni wirkan
beni wishah beni yahya bahari
beni yihya bahari beni zar
beni zayid beni zeid
beni zeid buq benna
berenice biba
biban biblau
biblaw and nazlet badawi biblaw
biblaw wa nazlat badawi biddin
bidsa bidsah
bigal bigam
bigeirim bihbit
bihdal biheida
bihnay bihta
bihtah bihwash
bijam bilad al mal bahri
bilad al mal qibli bilad el mal bahri
bilad el mal qibli bilbays
bilbeis bilbes
bilgai bilhasa
bilhasah bilifya
biljay billa el mustagidda
billah al mustajiddah billai
billay bilmisht
bilqas bilqas qism auwal
bilqas qism awwal bilqas qism thani
bilshasha bilshashah
biltag biltaj
biltan bimam
bimban bindar al kirmaniyah
bindar ash sharqiyah bindar
bindar el kirmaniya bindar el sharqiya
binufar biqayrah
biqeira bi'r abu ghusan
bir `abu ghusun bira el-`aguiz
birah al `ajuz birak al khiyam
birak el-khiyam birdhawnat al ashraf
bireid`a birein
bir el-`abd bir el-hasana
bir eth themed bi'r hasanah
bir hooker bi'r hukir
bir `imara and kafr salama husein bi'r `imarah wa kafr salamah husayn
birimbal al jadidah birimbal al qadimah
birimbal birimbal
birimbal el-gedida birimbal el-qadima
birimbal el-quadima birinbal
birinji maryut birkat as sab`
birkat ghitas birk el-khiyam
birket el-sab` birket es-sab`a
birket es sab birket ghattas
birket ghitas birma
birqama birqamah
birqash bi'r qatyah
birriyet el- `aguzein birriyet el-aseifar
bi'r shams bisat
bisat karim ad din bisat karim el-din
bisfa bishat `amir
bishat qa'id bishet `amir
bishet qayid bishla
bishtami bisintawai
bisintaway bisra
bisrah biteina
biteita bitibs
biyahmu biyala
bolbitine bor sa`id
bringi maryut bugbug
buha al mahattah buhat shatanuf
buhaydah buhayrat al qinn
buhet shatanuf buhut
bujah bujayrim
bulak bulaq ad dakrur
bulaq bulaq
bulaq ed dakrur bulaq el-dakrur
buldu bulein
bulin bulkeley
bulqina bulqinah
bulus al hawa bulus el-hawa
bulush as sahil al bahri bulush
buqayrah buq
buqtaris burayd
buraydi`ah burayj
burayk al hajar burdayn
burdein burden
burdin bureid
bureig bureik el-hagar
burg burg el `arab
burg el-hudud burg migheizil
burg nur el-`arab burg nur el-hummus
burj al `arab al jadidah burj al `arab
burj mughayzil burj nur al `arab
burj nur al hummus burkhayl
bur safajah bur sa`id
bur taufiq bur tawfiq
burtubat al jabal burtubat el gabal
burtubat el gebel burtus
busat busat karim ad din
busat karim el-din bush
butaynah butaytah
buturis buwayt
buwayt buweit
buwit byut fadit
caene cairo
catabathmus magna chatbi
chatby cherm
city of cut noses clysma
contra apollonos contra latopolis
coptos crocodilopolis
cusae cynopolis
dabbun al khawajah dabbun al malik
dabub dabud
dafash dahab
dahmaru dahmasha
dahrut dahshur
dahtura dahturah
dairut dairut
dairut el mahatta dairut el shirif
dairut esh sharif dairut umm nakhla
dakama dakka
dakkuda dakkudah
dakmireh dalas
dalga dalhamu
dalja' damallig
damallij damallu
damanhour damanhur al wahsh
damanhur damanhur
damanhur damanhur el-wahsh
damanhur shubra damaris
damas damat
damatyuh damhug
damhuj damiata
damietta damiette
damru damru khammara
damru khammarah damru salman
damshir damshit
danasur danaza
dandana dandara
dandarah dandil
dandit dandur
danfiq danyal
danyal el bahariya danyal el qibli
daqadus daqahla
daqahlah daqalt
daqduqa daqduqah
daqran daquf
daragil darajil
dar as salam dar as salam
dar as salam darawa
darawa darawah
darawah daraw
daraw dar el-salam
dar el-salam dashlut
dashna dashtut
dast al ashraf dasuq
dauwar abdalla dauwar `abd el `ati `abu `aguz
dauwar `abd el `ati abu el `aguz dauwar `abd el qadir qasim
dauwar `abd el raziq dauwar abu basil
dauwar abu bisisa dauwar abu direi`a abd el kirim
dauwar abu el-`asi dauwar abu mihras
dauwar abu sha`ul dauwar aulad salama
dauwar dauwar el hagg ahmad
dauwar el-hagg khalil dauwar el hagg raslan
dauwar el shireisat dauwar esh shterasat
dauwar giheina dauwar hagg el saiyid rizq
dauwar hamad dauwar hasan
dauwar ibrahim abu shineweir dauwar khamis
dauwar masri dauwar mas`ud `abu farag
dauwar misadif yunis dauwar muhammad abu rimeila
dauwar muhammad abu shanab dauwar muhammad abu shineina
dauwar nassar dauwar `osman burayik
dauwar ruhaiyim dauwar salih abu mas `ud
dauwar saqr dauwar shindl fannush
dauwar siwaka dawamah
dawwa abu sutayt dawwar `abd al `ati abu `ajuz
dawwar `abd allah dawwar `abd al qadir qasim
dawwar `abd ar raziq dawwar abu al `asi
dawwar abu basil dawwar abu basisah
dawwar abu duray`ah `abd al karim dawwar abu mahrus
dawwar abu sha`ul dawwar al hajj ahmad
dawwar al hajj khalil dawwar al hajj raslan
dawwar ash shuraysat dawwar awlad salamah
dawwar hajj as sayyid rizq dawwar halis
dawwar hamad dawwar hasan
dawwar ibrahim abu shunaywir dawwar jabal
dawwar juhaynah dawwar khamis
dawwar mas`ud abu faraj dawwar misri
dawwar muhammad abu shanab dawwar muhammad abu shunaynah
dawwar musadif yunus dawwar nassar
dawwar ruhayyim dawwar salih abu mas`ud
dawwar saqr dawwar shindi fannush
dawwar siwakah dawwar `uthman burayyik
dayr abu hinnis dayr abu maqrufah
dayr al `adhra' dayr al `azab
dayr al barsha dayr al jabrawi
dayr al janadilah dayr al maymun
dayr al qusayr dayr ams
dayr as sanquriyah dayr `atiyah
dayr at tin dayr barawah
dayr jabal at tayr dayr mawas
dayr samalut dayr shu
dayrut al mahattah dayrut ash sharif
dayrut dayrut
dayrut umm nakhlah dechna
dehmit deir abu hinnis
deir abu maqrufa deir ams
deir `atiya deir barawa
deir deir el `azab
deir el barsha deir el gabrawi
deir el ganadla deir el-maimun
deir el quseir deir el sanquriya
deir el-tin deir gabal el teir
deir mawas deirout
deir samalut deir sho
deir shu deir tasa
deirut dekernes
dekheila delingat
delta-barrage delta barrage
delta barrage station demardache
demartash demeira
demerdache demerdash
denderah dendur
dengawai denshal
denshawai deshna
dessouk desunes el halfaia
dhahab dhat al kawm
diarb negm diast
dibayj dibi
dibig dibij
dibirki dibu `auwam
dibu `awwam difinnu
difra difrah
difriya difriya
difriyah difriyah
difshu digwa
dihmit dijwi
dikinis dikiran
dikirnis dikla
dilhanis dilibshan
dilunit dimeira
dimgalat diminka
diminkah dimirah
dimirdash dimischl
dimishli dimishqin
dimishshalt dimisina
dimisinah dimisna
dimitnu dimnu
dimru dimru salman
dimshaw hashim dimu
dimushiya dimushiyah
dimwah as sibakh dimyat
dinjaway dinshal
dinshawai dinshaway
dinushar diospolis mikra
diospolis parva dirin
dirshaba dirshabah
dirshai dirshay
dirwa dirwah
dishasha dishashah
dishna dist el-ashraf
disuni el halfaya disunis al halfayah
disunis disunis el-halfaya
disunis umm dinar disuq
disya al kana'is disya
disya el-kanayis diweina
diya al kawm diya el-kom
diyamu diyarb al khudr
diyarb as suq diyarb buqtaris
diyarb el-sug diyarb el-suq
diyarb hashim diyarb najm
diyarb nigm diyard buqtaris
diyast diyu al wusta
diyu el-wusta dondit
doqmeira dukhmays
dukhmeis dumayrah
dumiat dumqat
dumyat al jadidah dumyat
dundet dundit
duqmayrah duqmeira
duqmera durunka
durunkah duwamah
duwaydah duwaynah
duwayr `ayid duweida
ebaba ebshan
ed dababiya ed dab`a
ed dabba ed dab`iya
ed-dahriya ed dakka
ed dalgamun ed deir
ed dikheila ed dilingat
ed diraziya ed diweir
ed-duqqi edfina
edfou edfu
edkou ekhmin
el- aÇŁatamna wa el-mazaraÇŁa el-ab`adiya
el-`abadla el-`abbasa el-gharbiya
el `abbasa el sharqiya el `abbasa esh sharqiya
el `abbasiya el-abqa`ein
el-abriqgi el-abshit
el `absi el-`adabiya
el `adaima el-`adawi
el `adayma el- `adl
el `adliya and kafr suliman ghali el-`adliya
el `afadra el aft
el agami el `agamiyin
el-`agayza el aghana
el-`agmiyin el-agrud
el `aguza el-`aguzein
el ahaiwa gharb el ahaywa gharb
el-ahmadiya el-ahmadiya
el-ahraz el-ahraz
el-`aisha el-`aiyash el-gharbi
el-`aiyash el-sharqi el `aiyash esh sharqi
el-`aiyat el-akhmiyi
el-akhmiyin el akhmiyin
el akrad el-`akrisha
el-aksur el `alamein
el-a`lam el-`alamen
el-`alaqma el-`ali
el-`allamiya el-`allamiya
el `allaqi el-amal
el-`amar el-kubra el `amar el kubra
el-`amarha el-`amarna
el `amayda el `ambariya
el ambarkab el `ambir
el-ambutein el-ambutin
el-`amid el-`amiriya
el-`amiriya el-amiriya
el-`amra el-`amra
el-`amri el-`amriya
el-`anabra el ansar
el `aqaba el kebira el `aqaba el saghira
el a`qab el-aqadma
el `aqalta el `aqliya
el aqsur el-aquia
el-`aqula el-aqwaz
el `araba bi sohag el araba el bahariya
el `araki el-a`ras
el `arayshiya el gedida el arbi`in
el arbi'in el `arida
el arin bahari el-`arin
el `arin qibli el-`arish
el-`asafra el `asakra
el `asaliya el-`asalta
el asasif el-`asayid
el-aseifar el `aseifar
el ashmunein el ashraf
el ashraf el gharbiya el ashraf el shargiya
el-ashrak el `ash-shi
el-aslab el `asliga
el-`aslugi el assara
el `assara el `atamna
el `atamna el-atarsha
el ataula el-`atawa el-bahariya
el-`atawa el-qibliya el-`atawi
el atawla el-`atf
el-`atf el-`atf
el-`attara el-ausat qamula
el ausat samhud el auwamiya
el-`awadliya el-`awaga
el `awamir bahari el-`awamir
el `awamir qibli el `awana
el awana el-`awasga
el `awawna el `awaysa
el `ayaysha el-`aysha
el `ayyat el `azab
el `azayza el `azaziya
el azaziya el-`azazna
el-`azisiya el-`aziza
el-`aziziya el-`aziziya
el-`aziziya el-`azuziyeh
el-`azzazi el-ba`alwa el-gedida
el-ba`alwa el-kebira el-ba`alwa el-saghira
el badari el-baddala
el badraman el-badrshein
el-bagalat el bag-hur
el-bagur el bahari qamula
el bahariya el-bahnasa
el bahsamun el-bahw fireik
el-bailuq el-ba`irat
el baiyadiya bil nazir el baiyadiya
el-baiyum el-bakarsha
el-bakatush el-bakhanis
el bakhayta el-bakkariya
el-bakriya el balabish bahari
el balabish el balabish qibli
el balaiza el-balakus
el-balamun el-balashun
el balayza el bala`zitein
el ballas el-ballasi
el balyana el-banawan
el-bandara el-banna
el-banna'in el-bannayin
el-baqlia el-baqliya
el-baqqashin el baqur
el-barad`a el-baragil
el baragil el barahma
el-baramun el-baranqa
el baranqa el barghuti el bahari
el barghuti el barghuti el qibli
el-barnugi el barqi
el-barraniya el barsha
el barud and aulad ilyas el barud
el barud el gharbi el barud el sharqi
el-basatin el-basatin
el-bashnin el basikiya
el-baslaqun el basqalun
el basyuniya el batanum
el batanun el bawiti
el bayadi el bayadiya
el bayadiya el bayahu
el-beida el-beida
el-beida wa kafr muhammad shahin el-beirum
el-betanun el-bidinganiya
el biglat el-bihai
el bi`irat el-bileida
el bindar el-bindariya
el-birashiya el birba
el birba el birba el kubra
el-birigat el-birka
el birum el-birushiya
el bisaliya bahari el-bisaliya
el bisaliya qibli el-bistawi
el-bitaiya el bomba
el brashieh el-buha
el buha el-buha
el bura el burgaya
el burg el-burg
el burumbul el-busrat
el-bustan el-buta
el butakh el-charge
el chatt el-costantiniya
el-dababsha el dab`a
el dabana el-dabayba
el dabba el-dabbuniya
el dab`iya el-dabra'
el dahasa el dahashna
el daheir el-dahiriya
el-dahra el-dahri
el-dahririya el-dahriya
el dahriya el-dahriya
el-dahtamun el-dakka
el dalatuh wa rizqet shams el-din el-dalatun
el-dalgamun el-damayra
el-danabiq el danaqla
el-daraksa el-daramalliya
el darawiya el dauwer
el-dawahriya el-dawakhliya
el dawalta el dawudiya
el-deir el-deir
el-deir el deir
el-deir el deir el gharbi
el deir el sharqi el-deiris and kafr latif
el-deitis & kafr latif el-deitus wa kafr latif
el delr el-dhaheir
el dibabiya el-didamun
el-dikheila el-dilingat
el-dimirdash el dimuqrat
el-dinnawiya el diraziya
el-dirwatein el diwan
el-diweikhat el diweir
el diwirat el diyabiya
el-duheir el duqqi
el `ezab el ezba and el `arab
el-`ezba el-gedida el- `ezba el- hamra
el `ezba el mustagidda el-fadadna
el-faggala el fahmiya
el-fahmiyin el faiyum
el-fa'iza el fant
el faqira el-fara`oniya
el-farastaq el fargon
el-faroukiya el-faroukiya
el-farrayin el-farukia
el-faruqiya el faruqiya
el fashn el- fat-hiya
el fauziya el-fawaqsa
el fayama el fayoum city
el ferdan el fikriya
el-firasiya el fostat
el-fouadiya el fu'adiya
el-fuqaha el fuqqa`i
el-furusat el-furusut
el fustat el-ga`afra
el-ga`afra el-ga`afra
el-ga`afra el gabab
el gabalau el gabalaw
el gabalsa el gabbari
el-gabiriya el gafadun
el-ga`fariya el gahsha
el-galatma el galawiya
el-galayla el-gamala
el-gamaliya el-gamamla
el gamhud el gami`
el ganadlo el-garab`a
el garabi el-garadat
el gara el garnus
el-gauwadiya el-gawabir
el-gawashna el gawazi el humr
el gazayir fort el gazazra
el-gbarraqa el gedaieda
el gemeiza el geneina
el-gezira el gezira
el gezira el gezira el gharbiya
el-gezira el-khadra el-gezira el-khadra
el gezira el shaqra el gezira esh shaqra
el-ghaba el-ghaba
el-ghaba el-ghaffariya
el-ghanayim bahari el-ghanayim qibli
el-ghanmiya el gharabwa
el gharaq el sultani el gharaq es sultani
el gharbi bahgura el gharbi bil salamiya
el-ghardaqa el-ghar
el-gharqana el-gharraqa
el-ghasna el-ghauwabin
el ghawasa el-ghayata
el-ghazali el ghineimiya
el ghirizat el-ghunamiya
el-ghuneimi el-ghuneimiya
el-ghuraiyib el ghuraiyib
el-ghuri el-gibab
el gibirat el-giddiya
el gidida el gimaliya
el-gimmeiza el gindiya
el-gineina el giridat
el giyushi el-giza
el gizeh el-gohariya
el-gudaiyida el-guhariya
el gusaq el-ha`atwa el-saghira
el habalsa el-habaysha
el hadaya el-hadayda
el-haddad el-haddadi
el-haddein el hadiqa
el hadqa el-hadra
el hafair el-hafayir
el hafir el hagar
el hagar el mahbruk el-hagar el-mahruq
el-hagarsa el hagarsa
el-hagayza el-haggagiya
el hagg qandil el-hagir
el-hagir el-hai
el hakamna el-hakmiya
el halaafi el halabiya and nazlet mustafa bey
el halabiya el-halafi
el halamisha el-halawat
el halfaya bahari el halfaya
el halfaya qibli el hallaqi
el-hamidiya el-hammada
el-hammada el-kubra el-hammada el-sughra
el-hammad el-hammad
el hammadiya el-hammadiyin
el hammam el hammam
el hammam el hammamiya
el hamra el-hamra
el hamra el hamul
el-hamul el hamuli
el-handasa el haradna
el haradna el harafsha
el haraga bahari el-haraga bil qur`an
el haraga el haraga
el haraga qibli el haram
el harizat el gharbiya el harizat el sharqiya
el harizat esh sharqiya el harra
el-harraniya el-hasana
el-hasaniya el-hasayina
el-hasayna el-hasayna
el hassani el-hassaniya
el-hassaniyah el haswa
el-haswa el hatahta
el-hawabir el-hawamdiya
el hawarta el hawasliya
el-hawata el-hawata
el hawata el hawatka
el hawawish el-hawawsha
el hawayna el kebira el-hawayna el-saghira
el hawta el sharqiya el-hayatim
el-hazaniya el heiz
el-helsamiya el-helsaniya
el helwasi el hez
el hiba el gharbi el hiba
el hiba el sharqi el hibeil
el hifmiya el-higaziya
el higirat el higz bahari
el higz el higz qibli
el hilf el gharbi el hilla
el-hilmiya el-hilt minshat suliman wa kafr halawa
el-hilwasi el hima
el himaya el himidat
el-himma el hindaw
el hiragiya el hiridiya el bahariya
el hiridiya el hiridiya el qibliya
el-hisafa el hisanat
el hisaniya el-hisaniyin
el-hisar el-hisas
el hisha el-hissa
el-hod el-tawil el homa
el-hubeil el-hudud
el humr and el ga`afra el-hurani
el-huseiniya el huseiniya
el-huseiniya el-husseiniya
el-hutiya el-`ibeidiya
el-ibrahimiya el-ibrahimiya
el-ibrahimiya el `ideisat
el `idisat el `idwa
el `idwa el-`idwa
el-ihsaniya el-ikhmas
el-ikhsas el-ikhsas
el ikhsas el ikhsas el qibliya
el `ileigat el `ilwiya
el-`ilwiya el-imam el-ghazali
el-imam el-husein el-imam
el `imara el-`imara
el `imariya el-`imdan
el-`imma el-ingib
el-`inmiyid el-inshasiya
el `iqal bahari el `iqal bahri
el `iqal qibli el-iragiya
el-`iraqiya el `isawiya sharq
el isdia el isdiya
el isirat el iskandariya
el islah el `itmaniya
el `izziya el-ka`abi el-gedida
el-ka`abi el-qadima el-kafr el-bahari
el kafr el bahari el-kafr el-bahari
el kafr el gedid el-kafr el-gedid
el-kafr el-gedid el kafr
el kafr el qadim el-kafr el-qibli
el-kafr el-sharqi el kahira
el kahirah el-kalag
el kallahin el-kamal
el-kamaliya el ka`mat
el-kamaysha el-kanayis
el-kanayis el kantara
el-kardud el karm el gharbi
el-karm el karm el sharqi
el karnak el-karyun
el-kawadi el kawamil bahari
el-kawamil el-kawamil
el-kawamil qibli el kawamil qibli
el-khadmiya el khalafiya
el-khalayfa el-khalidiya
el-khalig el-khaliliya
el-khamasa el khamaysha
el khanansa el-khanka
el-khankah el kharanqa
el-kharaqaniya el kharga
el kharnak el-khashashna
el khatatba el-khattara
el khattara el-khattara el-kubra
el-khattara el-sughra el-khattarao
el-khawagat el-khawalid
el khawalid el khazindariya
el-khazzan el-khilala bilqas qism rabi
el khirba el khirba
el-khirba el-khirs
el-khis el khiyam
el-khiyariya el khizindariya
el-khor el-khudariya
el-khudeiri el-khuleifiya
el khurdi el khurman
el-khush-sha el-khushu`i
el-khusus el-kifah
el-kifriya el-kilabiya el-gharbi
el kilabiya el-kilabiya el-sharqi
el-kilh el kilh gharb
el kilh sharq el kilk gharb
el-kirsa el kitkafa
el kola el-kola nag
el-kom el-ahmar el-bahari el-kom el-ahmar
el-kom el-ahmar el-kom el-ahmar
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el kom el ahmar el kom el-ahmar
el-kom el-ahmar el-qibli el-kom el-akhdar
el-kom el-akhdar el-kom el-akhdar
el kom el akhdar el kom el asfar
el-kom el-tawil el kom et tawil
el kossaima el kubaniya
el-kuddaya el-kufur
el-kunaiyisa el kunaiyisa
el kuntilla el kuraimat el bahariya
el kuraimat el kuraimat el qibliya
el-kurama el-kurama
el-kurdi el-kurdi
el-kurdl el kushh
el kusur el-kutamiya
el-labban ellahun
el-lisht el-liwiya
el ma`abda el-ma`addiya
el ma`adi el ma`adiyeh
el-ma`ali el ma`arri
el-maasara el madiq
el madmar el madwar
el magabra el-magazir
el magubra el-mahalla el-kubra
el mahalla el kubra el mahalla
el mahamda el mahamid
el-mahamid el mahariq
el maharraqa el mahasna el-gharbiya
el mahasna el-mahdiya
el mahla el mahmid
el-mahmudiya el-mahmudiya
el-mahmudiya el mahras
el-mahrusa el mahsama el gedida
el-mahsama el-qadima elmai
el-maimuna el maimun
el makatiet el makhadma
el-makhayid el-makhzan
el maks el bahri el maks
el maktila el malahiya
el-malakiyin el-bahariya el-malakiyin el-qibliya
el-malaqa el-malha
el-malki el-ma`mura
el-manaiya el-manakh
el manashi and arramiyet el khudeiri el-manashi
el-manashla el-manasra
el-manawat el-manayil
el mandara bahari el-mandara
el mandara el-mandara
el-mandarah el mandara qibli
el-mandura el manshah
el-manshi el-manshiya el-bahariya
el manshiya el gedida el-manshiya el-ibrahimiya
el-manshiya el manshiya
el-manshiya el manshiya
el manshiya el-manshiya
el mansiya el-mansura
el mansura el mansuriya
el-mansuriya el mansuriya
el-manyal el-manyal
el-manyal el-manzala
el-manzala el-maqat`a
el-maqatfiya el-maqati`
el maqatla el maragha
el marashda el-maraziqa
el maraziq el-marazqa
el-marg el maris
el-masa`da el masa`id
el-masanda el-masani`
el ma`sara el-mahatta el-ma`sara
el ma`sara el ma`sara
el ma`sara el ma`sara
el-ma`sara el mashai`a
el-masha`la el mashauda
el mashawda el mashay`a
el-masid el maslub
el maslub el masudi
el-masura el matahra el bahariya
el matahra el qibliya el matahra el sharqiya
el-matanya el mataria
el-matariya el matariya
el-matarqa el mataw`a
el matmar el-matwa
el mawadda el-mawagid
el mawatin el-mazar`a
el-mazar el mehalla el kubra
el-merj el-mex
el-mi`addiya el miadieh
el mi`alla el-miarqab
el-mi`eisra el mifarragiya
el-migaffaf el milaqqata
el-minaiyar el-minasafur
el minia el-minshat el-gedida
el minshat el kobra el-minshat el-kubra
el-minshat el-kubra el minshat el kubra
el-minshat el-kubra el-minshat el-sughra
el minshat el sughra el-minshat el-sughra
el-minshilein el minya
el-minya el-minya
el-minya el miqarrabiya
el-mirsah el-misah
el misawiya el-misharrak qibli
el-misid el-abyad el-misid el-waqf
el-misin el-mi`timdiya
el-mitras el modabigh
el morabein el mudil
el mudil el qibli el-mufarrigiya
el-muhammadiya el-mu'minin
el munagat el kubra el-munagat el-sughra
el-munaiyar el-munira
el murabi`in el-mureig
el-museilha el-musta`mara el-sharqiya
el-mu`tamidiya el muti`a
el-na`amna el nag` el gharbi
el nag` el sharqi el-naggarin
el naghamish el-nagila
el nahaya el nahhal
el-nahhariya el nakharin
el nakhas el-nakhkhas
el-nakhla el-bahariya el-nakkariya
el-namrut el-naqidi
el-nasayma el-nashw el-bahari
el-nashw el-bahri el-nasimiya
el-nasira el-nasirat
el nasr city el nasriya
el nasriya el nassariya
el-nasser el-nattaf
el nawahid el nawamis and marawnet el nasara
el nawamis el nawawra
el-nawiya el-nawya
el nazla el gadida el-nazla el-gidida
el nazla el mustagidda el nazla
el-nazla el nazla
el-nazl el-nibeira
el-nigeila el-nigili and aulad el-sheikh
el nihaya el nikheila
el-ni`na`iya el-niqrash
el nugu` el-nugu`
el nu`maniya el nuweira
el nuweirat el-`ofi
el-`oqbiyin el-`osmaniya
el-`oyun el-paruqiya
el-qabbari el-qabuti
el qadaba el-qahira
el-qaitun el-qaiyat
el-qala el qal`a
el-qalag el qalamun
el-qalashi el-qalawat
el-qalyubiya el qamadir
el qammana el-qanatir el-khairiya
el-qanatrin el-qanayat
el-qantara el-gharbiya el qantara
el-qantara el-sharqiya el-qarada
el qara el qaramna
el qaramta gharb el-qaramus
el-qaraqra el-qarawi
el qarawi el-qaraya
el-qarinein el-qarinein
el qarya bil diweir el-qarya el-gedida
el qasaba el sharqiya el qasaba esh sharqiya
el-qasabi el qasba
el-qash-shish el qasimiya
el-qasr el-akhdar el-qasr
el qasr el qasr
el qasr el qasr
el qasr el-qasriya
el-qassasin el-qadima el-qassasin
el-qatafiya el-qatayi`
el-qatfiya el-qatsha
el-qatta el qatta
el-qattawiya el-qazaqza
el qeis el qeis halt
el qenawiya el qharaq el sultani
el-qibab el-kubra el-qibab el-sughra
el qibeiba el qibeisat
el qibli qamula el qiraiya
el-qiratiya el qoddaba
el qorashia el qoturi
el qubabat el-qubba
el qudah el-qudah
el-quddaba el quddabi
el-quhuqiya el-qulzum
el-qulzum el-quni
el quraiya el qur`an
el qurash el gediya el-qurashiya
el-quratiya el-quratiyin
el qurein and tawahin el heisamiya el-qurein el-gedida
el-qurein el qurein
el-qurein wa tawahir el qurna
el qurugiya el-qusaima
el-quseima el quseir
el-qushlaqat el-qusiya
el qusiya el qustantiniya
el qusur el quturi
el rafasha el-ragabiya
el ragdia el-ragdiya
el raghama el-rahamna
el-rahawi el-rahbein
el rahebein el-rahib
el-rahmaniya el-rahmaniya
el rairamun el ra'isiya and el shawriya
el ra'isiya el ramadi bahari
el ramadi qibli el ramla
el ramli el raqaba
el raqaqna bil shawahin el rashda
el-raswa el-rawaqa
el rawashdiya el rayayna bil hagir
el rayayna el mi`allaq el-rayayna
el rayayna el-ridaniya
el-ridisiya bahari el ridisiya qibli
el-rifa`iyin el-rikabiya
el rima el-rimali
el riqqa el gharbiya el riqqa
el riqqa el sharqiya el bahariya el riqqa el sharqiya
el-riyad el-riyad
el rizeiqat el rizqa
el-roda el roda
el-roda el-roda
el-ruba`iyin el-rubdan
el-rub` el-rub`
el-rub` el rubiyat
el ruweihib el sa`adat
el-sa`aida el sa`ayda el qibli
el sa`ayda el-sab abar el-gharbiya
el-sab abar el-shargiya el-sabakha
el sabakhaya el-sabay`a
el-sabbah wa kafr el-shahid el sabha
el-sabkhaya el-sabriya
el sa`da el-sadakha
el-sa`diyin el-safasif
el-safayna el-saffein
el-saff el-safya and mit el-hamid
el-sahafa el sahalla
el sahil bahari el sahil
el sahil el sahil qibli
el sahrig el sa`idiya
el-sa`idiya el saiyad
el-saiyala el-saiyar
el-saiyid abu hatab el saiyida zeinab
el sakakini el-sakhra
el sal`a el-salahat
el-salahib el salamiya el ha'it
el salamiya el salamuni
el-salatna el salhia
el salhiga el salhiya
el-salhiya el salhiya
el salhiya el-salihiya
el salimat el qibliva el salimat
el salmani el-salmaniya
el-salmiya el-salmiya
el-samahiga el-kubra el-samahiya el-kubra
el sama`na el-samara
el samarna el samata
el samata el samayna
el sanabsa el-sanafin el-bahariya
el-sanafin el-qibliya el sanafin
el-sanagra el-sanatin el-qibliya
el-santa el-sanya
el saqriya el-sa`raniya
el saraqna el-satamuni
el-satayta el-sauwaf
el sawafna el sawahga
el sawalem el-sawalhga
el-sawalih el sawalih
el-sawalim el-bahariya el sawalim el bahariya
el-sawalim el-qibliya el-sawalim
el sawam'a el sawam`a gharb
el sawayta el sawfieh
el sellum el seweis
el-shabanat el-shabasiya
el shaghaba el shaghab
el-shaghamba el-shahama
el-shahid `abd el-mun`im riyad el-shahid ahmad badawi
el-shahidi el shalb el kebir
el-shallal el-shamarqa
el-shamasma el shamaysa
el shamiya el shanawiya
el shanayna el shanhuriya
el shantur el sha`rani
el-sharawi el sharawna el bahari
el-sharawna el-bahariya el sharawna el qibli
el-sharawna el-qibliya el sharawna
el sharayna el-sharqaya
el sharqu bahgura el-shatt
el shawaka el-shawami
el shawashna el shawriya
el sheikh `abdalla el sheikha mansiya
el sheikh baraka el sheikh dawud
el-sheikh durgham el sheikh fadl
el-sheikh gibeil el-sheikh gibiel
el sheikh hasan el sheikh husein
el sheikh `ibada el sheikh itman
el sheikhiya el sheikh makram
el sheikh marzuq el sheikh masud
el sheikh mas`ud el-sheikh mubarak
el-sheikh muhammad rif`at el sheikh `onalla
el-sheikh radwan el sheikh rahuma
el sheikh shibeika el sheikh shibl
el sheikh timai el sheikh yusef
el sheikh zein el din el sheikh ziyad
el-shibul el-shiffeiha
el-shihabiya el shihidi
el-shi`ira el-shimbab
el-shimut el-shin
el-shi`sha`i el-shobak el ghaffara
el-shobak el-gharbi el-shobak el-sharqi
el-shobak el shobak
el shohada el-shoka
el-shu`aiyara el-shu`ara
el-shubrawein el-shuhada
el-shuliya el-shuqqa
el-shuqr el-shurafa
el-shusha el-shuwan
el siba`iya el-sibu`
el-si`da el-sidd
el-sids el-siga`iya
el siliyin el-simbillawein
el simbillawein el-similawiya
el-sinaniya el sinqari
el siririya el-sirw
el siwa el sollum
el-subhiya el sufia
el-sufiya el-sukariya
el-sukkariya el-sukkariy
el sultan hasan el sumbat
el-sura el-su`udiya
el-suwa el-suweini
el suweis el tabbin
el tabin el-tahira
el taiyiba el-taiyiba
el-taiyibe el-talbiya
el talbiya el-tallein
el-tamad el-hagar el-tamas el-hagar
el tanagha el taramsa
el-tarfaya el-tarha
el-tarrana el tatalfya
el tataliya el-taufiqiya
el-taufiqiya el-taufiqiya
el-tawab`a el tawabia
el tawabiya el tawadir
el-tawila el-tawila
el-tayfa el-teiriya
el-tell el-ahmar el tell el kafr el gharbi
el-tell el-kebir el-tell el-saghir
el tell el thamad
el themed el tilihat
el timid el timsahiya
el tir`a el tiweirat
el tiweisa el-tor
el-tud el-tur
el ufi el-umbarakab
el `umur el uqab
el-`uqda el uqsor
el-`urban el-`utaiyat
el`uweidat el-`uyun
el wafa'iya el-wafa'iya
el-wahhabiya el-wahhal
el wahliya el kebira el wahshut
el-walaga el wanaysa
el waqada el-waqat
el waqf and el qilamina el-waqf
el-waraq el-wardyan
el wasta el wasta
el-wastaniya el-wat
el-wayasfa el wayet shakshuk
el-waziriya `elwet gayata
el-widy el-widy wa kafr el-disami
el-wihda el wilidiya
el yahudiya el-yasiniya
el-yasiniya el yuseffya
el-yusefiya el-yusifiya
el-za`aqa el-za`atra
el-zabada el-za`faran
el-za`farani el zahiriya
el-zahra el zahriya
el-zahwiyin el zaitun
el zaitun qibli el-zamalik
el-zamruniya el-zankalun
el zanqur el zarabi
el zarabi el zara
el-zarzamun el-zawamil
el zawayda el-zawya el-hamra
el-zawya el-khadra el zawya el khadra
el zawya el-zayara
el-zeidiya and zawyet nabit el-zeidiya
el-zeiniya bahari el zeiniya qibli
el-zeinlyat el-zeitiya
el-zirbi el-zireiqi
el ziriba el zu`aiyara
el zuayara el-zummar
el-zuwak el-sharqiya el-zuwak
en-nahhariya en nakhkhas
en-naqidi en-nashw el-bahari
en nawaura en nazla
en-nibeira en-nigeila
en nikheila en-niqrash
en nuweira ermont
er rafa er ragdiya
er-rahamna er-rahawi
er-rahbein er rahebein
er-rahmaniya er-rahmaniyeh
er rairamun er raisiya
er ramadi bahari er ramadi bahri
er ramadi qibli er-ramleh
er raml er rashda
er-rashid er raswa
er rayaina bil hagir er rayaina el mi`allaq
er ridisiya bahari er ridisiya qibli
er riqa el gharbiya er riqa
er riqa esh sharqiya el bahariya er riqa esh sharqiya
er rizeiqat er rizqa
er roda er roda
er rubiyat `esbet el-qadi
esh shaghab esh-shahabiya
esh shallal esh shamiya
esh shanawiya esh sharauna
esh shatt esh shauriya
esh shawashna esh sheikh `ibada
esh sheikhiya esh sheikh marzuq
esh-sheikh mubarik esh sheikh shibeika
esh sheikh shibl esh sheikh timai
esh-shin esh shobak el-gharbi
esh-shobak esh-sharqi esh-shoka
esh-shu`aiyara esh shu`ara
esh-shuhada esna
esneh es sa`aida
es sabakhaya es saff
es sahil bahari es sahil
es sahil qibli es saiyida zeinab
es-salahib es salamiya el hait
es salhiya es-salihiyeh
es salimat es sallum
es samata es santa
es-sa`raniya es sawalim
es sawam`a gharb es sawam`a sharq
es siba`iya es sibu`
es siliyin es simbillawein
es sinqari es siririya
es-siwa es sollum
es-suan es sufia
es sumbat es sunbat
es sura es suweis
estanha es zaqiziq
eth thamad eth themed
et tabbin et taiyiba
et tataliya et tawila
et teiriya et tell el kebir
et tod et tor
`ezab abu dema `ezab ali said el-shimi
`ezab `arab el-gohoma `ezab `arab el- tahawiya
`ezab bisintawai `ezab el-aaqeda
`ezab el-basarta ezab el- khalig
`ezab el-mawalik `ezab el- quwi`a
`ezab el-shutut `ezab el- waqf
`ezab galala `ezab ghanim wahab
`ezab husein mustata `ezab kom el birka
`ezab nubar `ezbet abaza
`ezbet abbasaiya `ezbet `abbas tusun
`ezbet `abdalla el-wakil `ezbet `abdalla
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helwasi heracleopolis magna
herakleouspolis megale hermonthis
hermopolis magna hermopolis parva
hermou polis megale hermupolis
hermupolis parva hifna
higaza hihya
hihya hijazah
hileis hilliyah
hilliya hilwa
hilwan hinidfa
hinidhfa hirriyat raznah
hissat abar hissat al ghunaymi
hissat ar ruhban hissat birma
hissat milij hissat shabshir
hisset abar hisset birma
hisset el-ghuneimi hisset el-manasra
hisset el-rubban hisset el-ruhban
hisset milig hisset shabshir
hiu hiwayn
hiwein hiw
hod el ra'isiya hod el-tarfa
hod faris hod nagih
hogmin hor
hoshet el ra'isiya hosh `isa
hujmin hulays
hulwah hulwan
hurayn hurein
hurghada hur
huseiniya husein musa
husseiniya ibgag el hatab
ibjaj al hatab ibkhas
ibnahs ibn hakim
ibrahim el-zaiyat ibrahim hakim
ibrahimia ibrahimieh
ibrahimiya ibrahimiya
ibrahimiyyah ibrak hamam
ibrash ibrim
ibshada bahari ibshadah bahri
ibshadat ibshadi
ibshan ibshanna'
ibshaq al ghazal ibshaq el ghazal
ibshawai el-malaq ibshawai
ibshaway ibtu
ibwan az zabadi ibwan el zabadi
ibwit al qadimah ibwit el qadima
ibwit ibya al hamra'
ibya el-hamra' ibyanah
ibyana ibyar
idara idfa
idfina idfu bahari
idfu bahri idfu
idfu qibli idku
idmu idqaq al misk
idqaq el misk idrasiyah
idrasya idriga
idrijah idshai
idshay iflaqa
ifwah ifwa
ihnasiyah al khadra' ihnasiyah
ihnasiyat al madinah ihnasya al madinah
ihnasya el khadra ihnasya el madina
ihnasyat al madinah ihrit al gharbiyah
ihrit el gharbiya ihrit
ihwah ihwa
ikaw ikhnawai el-zallaqa
ikhnaway az zallaqah ikhtab
ikingi mariut ikingi maryut
ikingi `osman ikinji maryut
ikinj maryut ikrash
ikwah al hissah ikwah
ikwa ikwat el-hissa
ikyad al bahriyah ikyad al qibliyah
ikyad dijwi ikyad el-bahariya
ikyad el-qibliya `ileim
`ilwan imbabah
imbaba imbadah
imlit imri
imyai imyay
inbada ineiba
`ineiba `ineibis
infast bani hibbin infast beni hibbin
inshas al basal inshas el-basal
inshas iod
iqfahs iqlit
iqsas isawia
isfaht ishaqah
ishaqa ishlimah
ishlima ishmant
ishnawai ishnaway
ishnin an nasara ishnin el nasara
ishnit al harabiwah ishnit al qaradinah
ishnit el-harabiwa ishnit el-harabwa
ishnit el qaradna iskindiriya
ismailia ismailieh
ismailiyah ismailiya
ismant ismant
ismu al `arus ismu el arus
isna isnikah
isnika isnit
istanha istibari
istubari itai el-barud
italya itay al barud
itlidim itmidah
itmida itnih
itqa itsa
itsa itwab
ityai el-barud ityay al barud
`izab al basaritah `izab al khalij
`izab al mawalik `izab al waqf
`izab `arab al juhmah `izab ash shutut
`izab difshu `izab kawm al birkah
`izab nubar `izbab difshu
`izbar saft ash sharqiyah `izbat 10
`izbat 16 `izbat abazižah as saghirah
`izbat abazižah `izbat `abbas
`izbat `abbas jum`ah `izbat `abbas `ubaydi
`izbat `abd abd allah `izbat `abd al `al ibrahim
`izbat `abd al `al `izbat `abd al `al
`izbat `abd al `azižim `izbat `abd al `aziz
`izbat `abd al barr `izbat `abd al fattah ad dardiri
`izbat `abd al fattah `ali `izbat `abd al fattah al lam`i
`izbat `abd al ghaffar ash shadhli `izbat `abd al hadi badr
`izbat `abd al halim `abd al jalil `izbat `abd al hamid al burhami
`izbat `abd al hamid `ali al karbuni `izbat `abd al hamid as siyufi
`izbat `abd al hamid `izbat `abd al hamid
`izbat `abd al hamid khayr `izbat `abd al hamid shihah
`izbat `abd al jalil `izbat `abd al jawad ahmad
`izbat `abd al jawwad `ilaywah `izbat `abd al jawwad
`izbat `abd al karim abu ra's `izbat `abd allah abu as sayyid
`izbat `abd allah abu misa`id `izbat `abd allah al wakil
`izbat `abd allah ash shiraki `izbat `abd allah `atiyah
`izbat `abdallah bayk al bahri `izbat `abd allah hajar
`izbat `abd allah `izbat `abd allah
`izbat `abdallah `izzat `izbat `abd al latif al makabbati
`izbat `abd al majid al biltaji `izbat `abd al majid al mihilmi
`izbat `abd al majid ash shadhli `izbat `abd al majid barakat
`izbat `abd al malak `izbat `abd al malak sa`d
`izbat `abd al maqsud as subki `izbat `abd al maqsud
`izbat abd al qadir `izbat `abd al qawi samak
`izbat `abd al wahhab `izbat`abd al wahhab mustafa
`izbat `abd al wahid silim `izbat `abd an nabi husayn
`izbat `abd an nabi `izbat `abd ar rahman `andarus
`izbat `abd ar rahman ar raghi `izbat `abd ar rahman
`izbat `abd ar rahman `izbat `abd ar rahman nur
`izbat `abd as salam ad didani `izbat `abd as salam al jabbar
`izbat `abd as salam karim `izbat `abd rabbuh as sayyid
`izbat `abdu basha `izbat `abduh afandi
`izbat `abduh al babili `izbat `abduh
`izbat abis `izbat abu `abd allah
`izbat abu `abdun `izbat abu `adawi
`izbat abu ahmad `izbat abu `ajjur
`izbat abu al akhdar `izbat abu al `amayim
`izbat abu al `aynayn `izbat abu al `azayim
`izbat abu `ali `izbat abu `ali
`izbat abu al `izz `izbat abu al jadayil
`izbat abu al kanayis `izbat `abu `amir
`izbat abu `amr `izbat abu an naja `isa
`izbat abu an nasr al far `izbat abu `aqqadah
`izbat abu ar rus `izbat abu `asakir
`izbat abu as sayyid `izbat abu `awad
`izbat abu `awf `izbat abu `awf
`izbat abu `ayyud `izbat abu badawi
`izbat abu dawud `izbat abu dawud
`izbat abu diffiyah al balad `izbat abu diraz
`izbat abu duwayyis `izbat abu farah
`izbat abu faraj `izbat abu farraj
`izbat abu fatimah `izbat abu fayyad
`izbat abu filibu `izbat abu ghallab
`izbat abu gharib `izbat abu ghazalah
`izbat abu ghazi `izbat abu ghirarah
`izbat abu hamad `izbat abu hammudah
`izbat abu hasanayn `izbat abu hashibah
`izbat abu haykal `izbat abuhazin
`izbat abu hijazi `izbat abu hindawi
`izbat abu hindu `izbat abu husayn
`izbat abu husayn `izbat abu `id
`izbat abu `isa `izbat abu `isa
`izbat abu isma`il `izbat abu `itah
`izbat abu janah `izbat abu jayyid
`izbat abu jubran `izbat abu khalifah
`izbat abu khalifah `izbat abu khamis
`izbat abu khashabah `izbat abu khashabah
`izbat abu khatwah `izbat abu kurum
`izbat abu lashin `izbat abu madi
`izbat abu mandur `izbat abu ma`ruf
`izbat abu mas`ud `izbat abu ma`tuq
`izbat abu minays `izbat abu muraykib
`izbat abu murrah `izbat abu mustafa
`izbat abu mustafa `izbat abu na`amah
`izbat abu na`urah `izbat abu nijm
`izbat abu nusayr `izbat abu qatfah
`izbat abu ras `izbat abu rayyah
`izbat abu rifa`i `izbat abu rihab
`izbat abu ruqayyiq `izbat abu sa`adah al kubra
`izbat abu sa`id `izbat abu sa`id
`izbat abu salamah `izbat abu salih
`izbat abu salim `izbat abu sayyid
`izbat abu shallubah `izbat abu shimays
`izbat abu shindi `izbat abu shuhaymah
`izbat abu shuhutah `izbat abu sinnah
`izbat abu sir `izbat abu siwayh
`izbat abu su`ad `izbat abu su`ayfah
`izbat abu sulayman `izbat abu suql
`izbat abu taha `izbat abu taha
`izbat abu tahun `izbat abu tahun
`izbat abu tahun `izbat abu turab
`izbat abu turki salah `izbat abu `ujayzah
`izbat abu `umar `izbat abu `uthman
`izbat abu `uwaydah `izbat abu yadak
`izbat abu yusuf `izbat abu zahrah
`izbat abu zikri `izbat abu zurayq
`izbat adam ghalib `izbat adam muhammad