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adjimi `adlah
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adlye adraa
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adsaya `adwan
aere aere
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afess afiq
afis afra
afrah afre
`afrin afrine
`afsh `afsuniyah
aftris aftriss
afziz agoult el kharradj
ag tach ag vlrane
ahaniet el miri ahhire
`ahirah ahire
ahmad al hallal ahmad al muhammad
ahmadiyah ahmadiyah
ahmadiye ahmad salam
ahmar hallal ahmed el hallal
ahmed hallal ahmediye
ahmediye ahras
ahrass ahsim
aichiye `a'id al kabir
aidjel aido
aidoun aifir
ain aamcha tahtani ain aarne
'ain aarous ain aarouss
ainab ain abou sreisse
ain aicha ain aissa
ain al qourra ain arouas
ain arus ainata
ainata ain bate
ain bazoua ain bazouq
ain bechriti ain berde
ain boura ain chammas
ain chater ain chib
ain dakar ain dakkur
ain daqne ain dara
ain dekne `ain dhakar
ain divar ain djmadjma
ain dlaime ain ech chaara
ain ech chams ain ech charqiye
ain ech charqiye ain ech charuiye
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ain ed dananir 'ain ed dar
ain ed douair ain ej jahach
ain ej jahash ain ej jamajme
ain ej jamous `ain ej jaouz
ain ej jaouz ain ej jaouze
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'ain ej journ ain el aachra
ain el aamoud ain el aarab
ain el aarous ain el aarous
ain el achra ain el bad
ain el baida ain el barde
`ain el baride ain el batt
ain el beida ain el beida
ain el beida ain el bnine
ain el borj ain el boum
ain el fije ain el hadjar
'ain el hajal ain el hajar
ain el hajjar ain el hammam
ain el haour ain el haour
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ain el haramiye ain el hayate
ain el jarab 'ain el jawza
ain el kabir ain el karm
ain el kebire ain el kebire
ain el khadjiche ain el khannzir
ain el kharoun ain el kheurbe
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ain el labane 'ain el ouarde
ain el pacha 'ain el qadib
ain el qanntara ain el qerd
ain el qott ain el qourra
ain el rharaf ain el rhar
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'ain el shegag ain enn nakhil
'ain enn nedi ain enn nide
ain er raheb ain er rihane
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ain leiloun ainnab
ain ouerk ain qadib
ain qita ain qouniya
ain rhazale 'ain rihaniye
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ain salloum ain samour
'ain semsem ain sleimo
ain tenntach ain terma
ain tin ain zarqa
'ain ziouane `aira
aissa bakli aissama el faouqani
aissama et tahtani aissaoui
aissa peunar aissem faouqa
aissem tahta aissi bakli
aissoun `ajaja
`ajajah `aj`aj
`ajal al humr `ajalat
`ajami ajarja
`ajarjah `ajil
aji sou aji su
`ajjaz aj jihar
aj jinni `ajjurah
ajlas `akakir
akam akari
ak bourhane akhburane
akher zamane akhir zaman
akhla akhtareine
akhtarin akhterin
akiba akiz ulaq
`akka akkare
`akkari akkoum
akkum akobar
akoum ak pounar
akraba akraba
akrabout akrad al baqqarah
akrad dasiniyah akrad dayasinah
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akrad ibrahim akreiba
akterine `akubar
al aalmiye ala bach
al `abakiyah ala bash
al `abbadah al `abbasiyah
al `abdiyah alabja
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al adriyah al `afinah
al `afish al `afsh
al `ahirah al ahmadiyah
alaja al ajah
al `ajal al `ajami
al `ajar al ajrash
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al `akrak al `al
al `alamiyah al `ali
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al badrusiyah al baghaliyah
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al ba`um al bawdah
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al beit al bibar
al bid al bilaliyah
al bilat al biljah
al birah al birah
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al bitariyah al biyah
al bouab al braj
al bu'ayr al bu'ayr
al budi al bughaz
al buj`an al bujuriyah
al-bu-kamal al buliyah
al bul`um al bu mu`ayt
al buq`an al burak
al bur al burayj
al burayj al buraykah
al buraykah al buraysah
al burham al burj
al burj al burnas
al burtasiyah al busayrah
al busayri al busaysah
al bustan al bustan
al bustan al butah
al butayhah al butaynah
al buthah al buwaydah
al buwaydah al buwaydah
al buwayd al buwaydiyah
al buwayr al buwayt
al buwayti al dahdah
aledji aleizile
alema alep
aleppe aleppo
al fahham al fa`iliyah
al fajir al fakhkhariyah
al fakka al falu kibar
`alfan al faq`ah
al faqi` al farandis
al faras al farat
al farj al farqiyah
al farrukhiyah al fatirah
al fa`uri al fawqani tashli huyuk
al faydah al faydiyah
al fayyadiyah al firdaws
al fuhayl al fulayl
al fulayt al fursan
al futasiyah al futayh
al ghafar al ghafuqiyah
al ghajar al ghanta
al ghari al ghariyah
al gharrah al ghasibiyah
al ghassaniyah al ghassaniyah
al ghassaniyah al ghasulah
al ghawi al ghaydah
al ghaylah al ghazalah
al ghazili al ghazzawiyah
al ghizlaniyah al ghunsalah
al ghurayriyah al ghuzlaniyah
al haba al habit
al habs al hadath
al haddadiyat al haddaj
al hadidi al hadin
al hadirah al hafar
al hafayir al haffah
al-haffeh al hafir al fawqani
al hafir al hafr
al hajalah al hajaliyah
al hajar al abyad al hajar
al hajib al hakimiyah
al hal al halamuz
al halba al halbah
al hallubah al hamad
al hamah al hamah
al hamamiyat al hambushiyah
al hamdaniyah al hami
al hamidiyah al hamidiyah
al hammah al hammam
al hammam al hammam
al hammam al hamra
al hamra' al hamra'
al hamra' al hamrah
al hamrat al hamud
al hanafiyah al hanqazah
al hanu al hanutah
al hanutih al haqabah
al haqf al harah
al harah al hara'ik
al harak al haraki
al haramah al harami
al harf al harib
al harisah al harjalah
al harra al harrah
al hartamiyah al hasakah
al-hasakeh al hasanah
al hasaw al hashimiyah
al hashmah al hasrah
al hasrat al haswah fawqani
al haswah tahtani al hasw
al hatiriyah al hattaniyah
al hawash al hawash
al hawaz al hawi
al hawiliyah al hawiyah
al hawl al hawrah
al hawr al hawwas
al hawz al hayawan
al haylunah al haymar
al hayrat al haysah
al haytalah al hayzah
al hazimah al hazim
al hazzanah al hidadah
al-hiffeh al hijanah
al hikkiyah al hilaliyah
al hilwah al hilwaniyah
al himsiyah al hinadi
al hiri al hirme
al hirmil al hishah
al hishah al hit
al hit al hulwa
al hulw al humayrah
al humayrah al humayr
al humr al humran
al hurayf al hurriyah
al hurtah gharbi al hurtah sharqi
al husayn al husayniyah
al husayniyah al hutah
al huwayjah al huwayliyah
al huwayr al huwaysis
al huwayya al huwayyah
al huwayz al huwayz
al huwayz `ali ad dandal
`ali agha `ali al haza`
`ali ar rayid `ali ash shahin
`ali ash shahl `ali badr
`ali badran `ali bajiliyah
`ali bajliyah al idrisiyah
al `ikrishi `ali kuz
al `illiyah alimdar
aliqah `aliqin
`ali qiran `alisah
aliya `aliyah
`aliyah `aliyat
al jabir al jabiriyah
al jabiyah al jadidah
al jadlah al jaffah
al jafi`ah al jajiyah
al jamlah al jammasah
al jammasiyah al jamusiyah
al jana'inah al jannah
al janudiyah al jaradah
al jarah al jarba'
al jarwiyah al jawadiyah
al jawbah al jawbah
al jawziyah al jayyid
al jazrah al jibab
al jibab al jinah
al jinah al jindiriyah
al jini al jinih
al jirabiyat al jisr
al jizah al jnaynih
al jubayliyah al jubbat
al judaydah al judaydah
al judaydah al judaydah
al judaydah al judaydah
al judayya al jufah
al jufiyah al jukhadar
al julaybinah al julaymah
al juma al junaydiyah
al junaynah al jurah
al juraymiqiyah al juraynat
al jurayyat al jurdi al gharbi
al jurdi ash sharqi al jurdi gharbi
al jurdi sharqi al jurf al janubi
al jurf ash shamali al jurniyah
al juwaybat al juwayz
al juwayz al kabri
al kafat al kafrah
al kafr al kafrin
al kalbiyah al kalmukh
al kalsah al kamiliyah
al-kamishly al kana'is
al kana'is al kandisiyah
al kanisah al kanisah
al kara` al karak
al karkit al kashmah
al kawm al kawm
al kaymah al kayta
al kazižimiyah al kaziyah
al khabrah al khafiyah
al khala' al khalidiyah
al khalidiyah al khaliliyah
al khan al khan
al khan al khanazir
al khandaq al khanu
al kharabah al khara'ib
al kharratah al kharsa'
al khawiyah al khazrajiyah
al khirbah al khiyarah
al khufah al khullah
al khumaysiyah al khuraybah
al khuraybah al khuraybah
al khuraybat al khuraybat
al khuraytah al khushniyah
al khuwayshah al khuwaytilah
al kishmah al kishta`ar
al kiswah al kufayr
al kufrayn al kulayb
al kumb al kunah
al kunayyisah al kunayyisat
al kunayz al kur
al kuraym al kuraym
al-kurdaha al kursi
al kusayb al kusaybiyah
al-kuseir al-kutaifeh
al kutaybah al kuwayr
al kuwayyah al ladhiqiyah
al lahm al lahunah
allaiqa allajah
al lajj `allani
allaouich al laqbah
al laqbah `allas
al lataminah al lattaminah
al latum allayqa
al-laziqiyah al lijak
allone habashan al luhabiyah
al lujj al luwaybidah
al luwaydhiqiyah `alma
al ma`an al ma`arrah
al mab`ujah al mab`ujah
al madinah al madyunah
al magharah al maghrit
`almah al mahjar
al mahmudiyah al mahmudiyah
al mahmuri al majalliyah
al majami` al majdal
al majdal al majdal
al majidiyah al ma`jun
al majwi al majwiyah
al makhbutah al makhtabiyah
al makman al mal
al malihah al malikiyah
al maliyah al mamsurah
al ma`murah al manazižir
al mandarah al manqa`
al manqar al mansiyah
al mansurah al mansurah
al mantar al maqla`
al marah al marah
al marami al maran
al marashidah al marfu`ah
al marjah al marj al akhdar
al marqab al marranah
al marranah al mashati
al mashquqah al mashquq
al mashrafah al mashrafah
al mashrafah al mashrafiyah
al mashta al mashtayah
al masla al masna`
al mastumah al mastur
al matabb al mat`afiyah
al matn al matrakiyah
al matunah al mawlid
al-mayadeen al mayadin
al maysah al mazar
al mazbal al mazhal
al mazižhariyah al mazlah
al mazra`ah al mazra`ah
al mazra`ah al mazra`ah
al mazzah al mazzih
al milk al mina'
al minah `almin
al mirdasiyah al mishmash
al mismiyah al misnah
al misraba al misrab
al misri al mourad
al mu`a al mu`abbadah
al mu`addamiyah al mu`addamiyah
al mu`ah al mu`aysirah
al mubarakiyah al mudawwarah
al mudawwar al muflisah
al mufqar ash sharqi al muftayhah
al mughayr al mughayr
al mughayr al mughir
al muhaddad al muhajirin
al muhammadiyah al muhaylibah
al muhayniyah al mujaydil
al mujayhiyah al mukarram
al-mukharram fokani al mulayhah
al mulayhah al mumi
al munayzilah al muntar
al muntar al munyah
al muqa`bariyah al muqarmadah
al muqassam al muqaybirah
al muqaylibah al muqayr
al murayjah al murayjat
al murayqib al murtafa`ah
al murtafa` al kabir al musalla
al musallakhah al musayfirah
al mushannaf al mushayrifah
al mushayrifah al mushayrifah
al mushayrifah al mushayrifah
al mushayrifah al mushayrifah
al mushayrifah al mushayrifawi
al mushir al mustadirah
al mustafawiyah al mustarihah
al mustarihah al muta`iyah
al mutayn al muthminah
al muwaylah al muwaylih
al muzabb al muzaybilah
al muzayrib al-nabek
alo al qabun
al qabw al qadam
al qaddahat al qadi
al qadiriyah al qadiriyah
al qadmus al qadr
al qahtaniyah al qa'ir
al qal`ah al qala'i`
al qalbiyah al qalbiyah
al qalluf al qamishli
al qanafidh al qanatir
al qanawat al qanawat
al qanna`bah al qantarah
al qar`a' al qarah
al qarandah al qardahah
al qarramah al qarutiyah
al qarya al qaryatayn
al qasab al qasi
al qasimiyah al qasimiyah
al qas`iyah al qasmiyah
al qasr al qasr
al qastal al qastrum
al qat`a al qatar
`alqin `alqin
al qirsh al qitat
al qrayyah al qubaybah
al qudayr al qulay`ah
al qulay`ah al qulayb
al qulaylah al qumqum
al qunaytirah al qunaytirah
al qur`aniyah al quraysah
al qurayya al qurayyah
al qurayyah al qurayyah
al qurayyat al qurayyat
al quriyah al qursat
al qusaybah al qusaybiyah
al qusayr al qusayr
al qusayr al qusayr
al qusbiyah al qusur
al qut`ah al qutayfah
al quwayr al-rakka
al-rastan al rbeil
al rhannto al-safira
al-sham al-sheikh-bader
al-skeilbyeh al-sweida
al tabaqah al-tabbaqah
al-tal al-thawra
altun al jurd altun wayran
alu al 'ujrush
al ujrush al `ukayrishi
al `ulayyaniyah al `ullayqah
al `ullayqah al `ulyaniyah
al `unnabiyah `aluq al gharbi
`aluq ash sharqi al `uqaybah
al `uraymah al `uraymah
al `uraymah al `urayqib
al `uraysah al usayli`
al `utaybah al `uthmaniyah
al `uwaydah al `uwaynah
al `uwayni al `uwayr
al `uzayri al wadi
al waghi `alwah
al wahliyah al wa`irah
al wakhmah al walid
al wardiyat al wasitah
al wazi`iyah `alwin
`alya al yabisah
al yabisah al yadudah
al yafnasah al yahudiyah
al yahudiyah al yaljah
`alyan al yaqoussa
al ya`qubiyah al ya`rubiyah
`alyu al yusufiyah
a`maqiyah `amarah al juwaniyah
amaret es souaida amarh juwwaniyah
`amarinah `amarinah at tahtaniyah
`amar kabir `amar saghir
`ambarah ambarli
`amir ((amir dahim))
`amiyah amkiye
amliq `ammun
`ammurin amouda
`amqiya `amqiye
`amrah amrak
`amrat al furayj amri
amriye `amudah
`amud `amud
amude `amudi
`amudiyah `amudiyah
anab `anad
`anadan `anadan ash shih
anadane `ananib
`anaz `anbarli
andivar andjara
ani`am anifie
anifiyah anifiye
`anjarah `ankawi
`ankiban an naaoura
an na`asat `annabah
an nabatiyah annabe
an nabi sadiq an nabi yunus
an nabk an naftiyah
an nahdah an nahl
an nahr an na`im
an najih an namir
an namurajiyah an naqarinah
an naqib `annaqiyat jiftlik
`annaqiyat miri an nashabiyah
an nashifah an nashmi
an nashshabiyah an nasifah
an nasiriyah an nasiriyah
an nasiriyah ash sharqiyah an na`urah
an na`urah an nawaqir
an nawatif an nayhah
an nayrib `annazah
`annazah an nazi
`annazih annbarli
an niha annjara
ann nachfe annqara
annsari anntaki
anntouz an nubay`at
an nufur an nukhaylah
an numaysah an nusari
an nusayr `annuz
an nuzhah ansari
antaki antaradus
`antariyah antuz
`anzah `anz
`anzawiyah aoglat ed djahmane
aoglat ej jahmane aoglat el bouaider
aoqlat ej jahamane aoqlat ej jahmane
aoqlat el bouaider aoqlat el koutchane
aouamie aouchar boudjak
aouchar boudjaq aouchar boujak
aouchariye aoueijel
aoueinik aouera
aouina aoukhane
aoulene aouro
`aqabat ar rummanah aqareb es safi
`aqarib `aqarib as safi
`aqawbar aq bach
aq bash aq bour'hane
aq bunar aq burhan
aq douqar aq duqar
aq founar aqiba
`aqibah `aqilah
aqjah bayir aq keuy
aq kuy aqoulet aaqoula
aqoulet el kharraj aq peunar
aq pounar `aqraba
aqraba `aqraba
`aqrabah `aqrabah
`aqrab `aqrab
`aqrabat `aqrabat
`aqrabiyah aqrabiye
`aqrabuz aq tach
aq tash aquerbate
`aqulah `aqulah
`aqulat al kharraj aq virane
aq wiran `ara al qibliyah
ara `ara
`ara ash shamaliyah `arab al juhaysh
`arab al kharabah `arab al mulk
`arab `azzah `arab bunar
arabcha arab el kharabe
`arab el melk `arab hasan al kabir
`arab hasan as saghir arab jeheiche
`arab jurduk `arab khan
`arab kind `arabli
arab oucharhi arab peunar
`arabshah `arabshah
`arab tashurduk arab tcheurdouk
`arab ushaghi arab virane
`arab wiran `aradah
`aradah `aradah kabirah
arade `aradih kabirah
`arafit araibe
arak aramo
aramta `aramtah
`aramu `arana
`aran arane
arasta bassal arba`a al kabir
arba`a as saghir arbaa el kebir
arbaa es serhir arba`ah saghirah
arba`ah saghir arba`a saghir
arbaa serhir arbaa sghir
arba`at al kubra arba`at kubra
arbaea kebir arbaea serhir
arbah kasmaz arba`in
arbaine arbaita
`arbayah as saghir arbea kbir
`arbid al fawqani `arbid al judaydah
`arbid `arbid
`arbid at tahtani `arbid tahtani
arbine arbiya saghire
`arbush archani
archaq archouk
archoun ard al hamra'
ard al wata ard amirah
`ardat `ujayl ard el hamra
ard el ouata ard ja`din
ardjel ard mudaysis
ard ouata ard tell el malah
areba arethousa
arethus areykib
arhab arhabi
arhoumi arida
`aridah `ajil aridah
`aridah `aridah
`aridah `aridiyah
ariha arihah
`arime `ariqah
`arishah ariza
arjeile arjel
arjilan arjilane
arjoune arjul
`arjun arkis
armalah armale
arman armanaz
armoudja armuja
arnabah arnabe
arnabih arnabiyah
arnabiye `arnah
`arnah arnaz
arqamah `arqaya
arqub ar rab`ah
ar rabbasah ar rabi`ah
ar radimah ash sharqiyah ar rafi`ah
ar rafi`ah ar rafid
ar raha ar raha
`arrah al qibliyih ar rahib
ar rahibiyah ar rahyat
ar ramadi ar ramah
ar rami ar raml
ar ramthaniyah ar ransiyah
ar raqmah ar raqqah
ar rashidiyah ar rasif
ar rasif ar rastan
ar rastin ar ratuniyah
ar rawdah ar rawdah
ar rayan ar rayhanah
ar rayhaniyah ar rayhaniyah
ar rayidi ar rayyan
ar razaniyah ar rimiyah
ar riyaf ar ru'aysah
ar ru'ays ar ru'ays
ar rubayl ar rubbah
ar rudayfah ar rudaymah ash sharqiyah
ar ruffah ar ruhaniyah
ar ruhaybah ar ruhaybah
ar ruhayyat ar rujm
ar rummanah ar ruqaytah
ar rusafah ar rusafah
ar rushaydah ar ruwas
ar ruwaydah ar ruwaymiyah
ar ruways arsalan kuy
arsalan tash `arshani al fawqani
`arshani at tahtani arshaq
arshuk `arshunah
`arshunih arslane keuy
arslane tach artouz
`artuz `arudah al kabirah
`arudah as saghirah arum al jawz
`arur arwad
arzaghan al fawqani arzaghan at tahtani
arzah arzana
arzanah arzarhane faouqani
arze arzeije
arzharhane tahtani arzoune
arzunah asaga▒ mezraa
asalah `asal al ward
`asal el ward `asaliyah
`asaliyah `asaylih
asbitah asharneh-alghab
`ashiq `umar ashmura
ashmurah `ashqan
ashrafiyah ashrafiyat al `abbas
ashrafiyat al wadi ashrafiyat sahnaya
ash shabatliyah ash shabruniyah
ash shaddadah ash sha`fah
ash sha`faniyah ash shaffuniyah
ash shahba' ash shahtah
ash shajarah ash shajarah
ash shajar ash shajlah
ash shamayisah ash shamil
ash shamiyah ash shamiyah
ash shammasiyah bawa` ash shamsiyah
ash shaniyah ash shanuriyah
ash sharah ash sha`rah
ash sharashir ash shari`a
ash sha`tah ash shawmariyah
ash shaykh `abd al qadir ash shaykh `abd ar rahman
ash shaykh abyad ash shaykh ahmad
ash shaykh ahmad ash shaykh al hami
ash shaykh `ali al kurdi ash shaykh `ali
ash shaykh `ali kasun ash shaykh `alwan
ash shaykh `aqil ash shaykh badr
ash shaykh barakah ash shaykh damis
ash shaykh dann ash shaykh ghali
ash shaykh hadid ash shaykh hamid
ash shaykh hasan ash shaykh hasan
ash shaykh hilal ash shaykh ibrahim
ash shaykh ibrahim ash shaykh idris
ash shaykh `isa ash shaykh `isa
ash shaykh jabir ash shaykh jarrah
ash shaykh jawban ash shaykh kanni
ash shaykh khalil ash shaykh khurus
ash shaykh mansur ash shaykh marzuq
ash shaykh maskin ash shaykh miskin
ash shaykh mustafa ash shaykh najjar
ash shaykh nasir ash shaykh qamar
ash shaykh sa`d ash shaykh sa`d
ash shaykh sa`id ash shaykh sindiyan al qibli
ash shaykh sindiyan ash shaykh yahya
ash shaykh yusuf ash shaykh zayyat
ash shihabiyah ash shihah
ash shihah ash shindakhah
ash shir ash shir
ash shu`ayb ash shudud
ash shula ash shulin
ash shumaysah ash shumrah
ash shuqayriyah ash shuquq
ash shuraymah ash shutayb
ash shuwayhiyah ash shuwayriyat
ashuriyin ashuwayhah
asili `asim
`asimiyah askhamiyah
asleha aslo
aslu `asmud
asrate as sa`an
as sabah as sabakh
as sabbuhiyah as sab` jifar
as sabkhah as sabuniyah
as sabuniyah as sa`dah
as sadah as sa`danah
as sa`daniyah as saddayn
as sadidiyah as sa`diyah
as sa`diyah as safa
as safaqinah as safarqiyah
as safh as safih
as safirah as safiyah
as safkun as safra'
as safsafah as safsafah
as safsaf as safsafiyah
as saghir muhtaraq as saharah
as sahil as sahl
as sahl as sa`idah `amqun
as sajin as salaliyah
`assal al ward as salam `alayk
as salam `alayk as salamu `alaykum
assal el ouard assal el ward
as salihiyah as salihiyah
as salihiyah as salimiyah
as saljiyah as salluriyah
as salmuk as saluqiyah
as saluqiyah as samakh
as samiyah as samumah
as sa`nah as sanamayn
`assan assane
as saraya as sarayim
as sarimiyah as sarj
as sarkhan as sarsakiyah
as satarkah as sat
as sawa as sawami`
as sawarah as sughra as sawda'
as sawwanah as saybah
as sayhah as sayid
as sayyadi as sayyal
as seen as siha
as sihrij al gharbi as sihrij
as sijn as sikhabah
as sillatah as sin
as sindiyanah as sindiyanah
as sindiyanah as siraj
as sirriyat as sisniyah
assous as subay`at
as sudar as suhbah
as sukhnah as sukhuriyah
as sukkar as sukkariyah
as sulayhiyah as summaqiyat
as suqay`ah as surah
as surah as surat al kubra
as suruj as susah
as susan as su`udiyah
as suwar as suwar
as suwayda' as suwayda'
as suwaydah as suwaydah
as suwaydah as suwaydah
as suwaydiyah as suwayhah
as suwaymirah as suwayri
as suwaytiyah `as`us
`atanah `atawiyah
`atawiyat miri `atbah
`atbarja ateizile
atharib athela
athriya ath thadyayn
ath tha`lah ath tharadi
ath thawani ath thawrah
`atib `atil
atimah atma
atme atmih
atne `atrah `atirah
`atrat attirah `atshanah al gharbiyah
`atshanah ash sharqiyah `atshanah
`atshanah `atshanat al humr
`atshanat al miri `atshan
at tabaqah at tabiyah
at tabqah at taff
at tah at tahiriyah
at tahiriyah at tahiyah
at takiyah at tal`ah
at tali`ah at tallah
at tall at tallayn
at tamani`ah at tamariqiyah
at tammazah at tanf
at tannakhah at ta`s
at tash at ta`unah
at tawahin at tawahin
at tawani at tawanin
at tawbah at tawilah
at tawil at tayhah
at tayyibah al gharbiyah at tayyibah
at tayyibah at tayyibah
at tayyibah at tibni
at tinah at tirah
at tizin attouye
at tuffahiyah at tulul
at tunah at turaykimiyah
at turaymisah at turbah
at turmaniyah at turut
at tuwaybah at tuwayhinah
at tuwaymat at tuwaym
at tuwaymiyah at tuwayshirah
at tuwaytah audattha
`aunaz avne etan
a`waj al falaj a`waj
`awar `awaru
`awas `awas
`awayid `awaynah
awinet el rihan `awj al janah
awj qana awkhan
awkir fawqani awkir tahtani
awlus `awniyat
awqalat al jahaman awqalat al kutshan
`awshariyah ayacha
ayachiye ayaun
`aydu `aydun
`ayfir `ayid saghirah
aykadah aymtan
`aynab `ayn abu suraysah
`ayn ad dananir `ayn ad dar
`ayn ad duwayr `ayn `a'ishah
`ayn `akfat al ma`laji `ayn al `amud
`ayn al `arab `ayn al `arus
`ayn al `arus `ayn al `asharah
`ayn al bad `ayn al baninah
`ayn al baridah `ayn al basha
`ayn al batt `ayn al bayda'
`ayn al bayda' `ayn al bayda'
`ayn al baydah `ayn al baydah
`ayn al baz `ayn al bum
`ayn al burj `ayn al dananir
`ayn al fijah `ayn al gharaf
`ayn al ghar `ayn al ghazalah
`ayn al hajal `ayn al hajar
`ayn al hammam `ayn al haramiyah
`ayn al hawm `ayn al hawr
`ayn al hawr `ayn al hawr
`ayn al hawr `ayn al hayyat
`ayn al jahsh `ayn al jamajimah
`ayn al jamus `ayn al jarab
`ayn al jawzah `ayn al jawz
`ayn al jihash `ayn al jurn
`ayn al jurn `ayn al kabirah
`ayn al kabirah `ayn al karm
`ayn al khadra' `ayn al kharun
`ayn al khinzir `ayn al khirbah
`ayn alkurah `ayn al kurum
`ayn al laban `ayn al qadib
`ayn al qantarah `ayn al qird
`ayn al qutt `ayn al wardah
`ayn `amsha' at tahtani `ayn an nadi
`ayn an nakhil `ayn an nur
`ayn `arnah `ayn ar rahib
`ayn ar rayhanah `ayn ar rayhaniyah
`ayn `arus `ayn ash sha`arah
`ayn ash shams `ayn ash sha`rah
`ayn ash sharqiyah `ayn ash sharqiyah
`ayn ash shiqaq `ayn as sab`
`ayn as sahn `ayn as sawda'
`aynata `aynata
`ayn at tinah al gharbiyah `ayn at tinah ash sharqiyah
`ayn at tinah `ayn at tinah
`ayn at tinah `ayn az zarqa'
`ayn az zubdah `ayn bashriti
`ayn bazuq `ayn bazut
`ayn burah `ayn dakar
`ayn daqnah `ayn daqnih
`ayn darah `ayn dat
`ayn daywar `ayn dhakar
`ayn diwar `ayn dulaymah
`ayn fit `ayn fraj
`ayn futaymah `ayn hajal
`aynhalaqim `ayn hamzah
`ayn hifad `ayn husayn ash shamaliyah
`ayn `isa `ayn jandal
`ayn kabritiyah `ayn khinzirah
`ayn laylun `ayn qitah
`ayn qunyah `ayn sabil
`ayn sallum `ayn samur
`ayn shammas `ayn shatir
`ayn shib `ayn simsim
`ayn subaykhah `ayn sulaymu
`ayn tantash `ayn tarma
`ayn wark `ayn ziwan
ayou ayoun
`ayrah `aysam al fawqa
`aysam at tahta `ayshiyah
`aysun aytuwayran fawqani
aytuwayran tahtani ayu
`ayyashah `ayyash
`ayyashiyah azaura
a`zaz azeira
`aziz azize
aziž zižahiriyah aziž zižahr
`azizi `aziziyah
`aziziyah `aziziyah
aziziye `azman
azmarin azmarine
azouane azraq
azrie `azriyah
`azub az zabadani
az za`faranah az zahrah
az zahriyah at tahtaniyah az zakah
az zalaf az zallaqiyat
az zallu `azzam
az zarah az zarbah
az zarqa' az zarqat
az zarzuriyah az zawbah
az zawf az zaybaq
az zaynabiyah az zaynah
`azzayt az zaytunah
az zaytunah az zib
az zieb az ziyadiyah
az ziyarah az zunud
az zuwayyik baabda
baabdous baabdus
baachtar baadinli
baadinnli baadri
baai baamra
baamrail baamrine
baarabou baarbaya
baarine baasatine
ba`ay ba`azra'il
baazrayel bab aabdallah
baba amro bab aamro
bab `abd allah babak ushaghi
bab al faraj bab al hadid
bab al hajar bab al hawa
bab al hawa' bab al hawa'
bab al khayr bab allah
bab amar babanna
bab an nur bab ar rakha
babasi bab as salam
babassi bab
bab bila b`abda
b`abdus bab el haoua
bab el khair bab el kheir
babenna babennes
babenness bab enn nour
bab es salam bab es salloum
bab es seiloum babila
babinana babinna
babinnis babiri al fawqa'
babiri at tahta' babiri
babiri faouqa babiri fawqani
babiri tahta babis
babiss bab jannah
bab janne bab laymun
bablayt bab leimoun
bableit bableite
bablouta bablutah
babnas bab omar
bab salloum bab sallum
bab shinyaz bab `umar
bacha mechle bach dilki
bach doulqi bachiche
bachir bachiye
bach keui bach keuy
bach mechli bach michli
bachoura bachourte
bachoute bacylhaya
badaoui badawi al jasir
badawi badawiyah
badda badi`an
badiane ba`dinli
badmayun badou
b`adri badriyah
badriye badroussiye
badrusiyah badyan
baebaa baetocece
bafdik bafellour
bafilioum bafillur
baflioun bafliyun
baflor baghadjaq
baghalla baghallah
baghdadi baghjah ghaz
baghlah baghliyah
baghuz al qibli baghuz ash shamali
baghuz baghuz
baghuz fawqani baghuz shimali
baham bahdaliyah
bahdaliye bahe
bahfis bahloulie
bahlouliye bahlouniye
bahluliyah bahouerte
bahourte bahrutah
bahurtah bahwartah
bahwarte bahzina
bahzinah baidar el blate
baile bairakdar
bairamiye bairaqdar
bait ana bait el qanuta
bait el shanbour bait rihan
bait zantut baiyoune
baja ba`jah sharqiyah
bajariyah bajariz
bakar orhlou bakhaa
bakh`ah bakhiri
bakka bakkoura
bakkurah bakmazlo
bakmazlu bakrouq
bakrwan baksa
baksariye baksariyya
baktal bak ubasi
bala aatiqa balaadar
bala al `atiqah bala atika
bala bala
balaban balabane
bal`adar balakush
balal kuy balas
balash balatah al gharbiyah
balatah balat
balat balat
balat balat
balchoun baless
balghunis balha
balhah balhalah
balhasin al wala bali keuy
bali kuy balis
ballah ballalin
ballanah ballan
balle ballek
balli balli
ballik balliqiyah
balliqiye ballirmun
ballourane balloutiye
ballu ballunah
balluqa balluran
ballutah ballutiyah
balma bal maghar
balmah balmis
balnak balou
balou balouja
balqa' balrhouness
balshun baltadji
baltadjik baltah ji
baltaji balu
balujah balunah
bal virane balwah
balwah mir khan bal wiran
balyun bal zuzan al fawqani
bamlakha b`amrah
b`amra'il b`amrin
banan bandar khan
bandirak bandir
bandur baness
banias banias
bani `isa bani na`im
banin bani qasr
banis baniyas
baniyas banjarah
banmarah bannaoui
banndar khane banoukiye
banukiyah baouaa
baprusiyah baqaou
baqa`sim baq`ata
baqa`tah baqat
baqate baqerouane
baqirwan baqlioun
baqliyun baqlyoun
baqsamtah baqsamte
baqtamun baq`u
bara bara beit
barabirah barabra
ba`rabu barada
baradah barad
barad barade
baraghitah baraghithah
baraghithah baraghitih
barah barahuwah
barama bararhite
barayhah ba`rbaya
barcham barchine
barde bardikha
bardikhah bardoune
bardunah bardunih
bare barek
baress barghutiyah
barguita barhadjaq
barhalla barhdadi
barhla barhouz
barhouz barhouz chemali
barhouz chimali barhouz qibli
barhtche rhaz bariaha
baricha bariche
baridah barik
barikha bar`in
ba`rin baris
barisha barisha
bariss barj batan
barkh batan barkh batane
barko faouqani barko tahtani
barkoum barku al fawqani
barku at tahtani barku fawqani
barku tahtani barmaya
barnan barouda
baroudiye baroudiye
barouha barouze
barqa barqa
barqah barqiyah
barqiye barqoum
barqum bar'rhoutiye
barri al gharbi barri ash sharqi
barri charqi barri ech charqi
barri el rharbi barri rharbi
barrkafri barse
barsham barshin
barudah barud
barudiyah baruhah
baruzah baryaha
barza al fawqani barza at tahtani
barza faouqani barzah
barzah barzan
barza tahtani barze
barze barziyat
basamis basandina
basanqul basatin
bashar bash dulki
bashidiyah bashir
bashiriyah bashishah
bashiyah bash jurn
bash kay bash kuy
bashmishli bashnafah
b`ashtar bashurah
bashurtah bashut
basiliya basimah
basir basirr
basnaqul basqala
basr al harir basratoun
basratun basriye
bassah bassames
bassamess bassamis
bassannqoul bassatine
basselhaya bassenndina
bassilhaya bassime
bassira bassir
bassoufane bassouta
basta basufan
basutah batabou
batabu batarnus
batdik batech
baterzane batha
bathah batich
batirzan batlaya
batra batrah
batranah batrane
batroune batrunah
batrunih battanah
battane battouchiye
battra bawa`
bawi`ah bawz ghar
bawz huyuk al fawqani bawz huyuk at tahtani
bawz huyuk bawz kij
bawz kukli bayadiyah
bayadiye bayadiye
bayazah bayazah fawqani
bayaze bayaze faouqani
bayda' baydar al balat
baydar el blath bayer aqbar
baylah baylan
baylan kuy baylunah
baylunah bayoune
bayrak bayramiyah
bayramjah bayraqdar
bayrash zirwal bayt ablaq
bayt abu minqar bayt abu ra's
bayt abu yasin bayt ad dardarah
bayt ad dik bayt ad dik
bayt ahmad fadil bayt al `alluni
bayt al `atiq bayt al ballut
bayt al bustan bayt al faris
bayt al farwah bayt al hishah
bayt `ali bayt al jabal
bayt al jahniyah bayt al juhayshal
bayt al khatib bayt `allan
bayt al madinah bayt al masil
bayt al mushafi bayt al qaddar
bayt al qalih bayt al qanuta
bayt al `urqub bayt `alyan
bayt `alyawi zubaylan bayt `ana
bayt an nab` bayt `aqul
bayt `arab bayt `arkush
bayt ar rafi`ah bayt arrah
bayt ar rahib bayt ash shanbur
bayt ash sharqi bayt ash shaykh `ali
bayt ash shaykh dib bayt ash shaykh mutawwaj
bayt ash shaykh wali bayt ash shaykh yunus
bayt aslan bayt as sakhi
bayt at turk bayt `awan
bayt `ayyash bayt `ayyush
bayt bad`a bayt baddur
bayt balatah al gharbiyah bayt baldir
bayt dahi bayt dakhne
bayt fahd al misrab bayt fulayjan
bayt hammik bayt hassun al ahmad
bayt hayrah bayt hilal
baytima bayt iskandar
bayt isma`il bayt jabru
bayt jarad bayt jash
bayt jinad bayt jinn
bayt juha bayt kammunah
bayt kanisah bayt khalaf al `azli
bayt kumbali bayt luqman
bayt miru bayt muhammad afandi
bayt mulq bayt muna
bayt munla mahmud bayt musallam
bayt musallam `ubayd bayt nafilah
bayt na'im bayt na`isah
bayt nasir bayt nasir
bayt natir bayt nu'ajah
bayt qanuta bayt qasimiyah
bayt qurayn bayt raqtah
bayt rayhan bayt rimah
bayt sabir bayt saham
bayt sahn baytsahn
bayt salamah bayt sammukhah
bayt saqur bayt shakuni
bayt shihan bayt shluh
bayt siwa bayt suhin
bayt sulayman aman bayt sultan
bayt tawuj bayt `ubaydah
bayt `uthman bayt `utq
bayt wali hasan bayt wazan
bayt zahrah bayt zahran
bayt zantut bayt zaynah
bayt ziwan ba`yun
bayya`iyah al kabirah bayya`iyah as saghirah
bayya`iyah kabir bayyud
bazenndane bazennta
bazindan bazinta
bazoune bazunah
bazzaq bchabta
bchabtah bchakouh
bchamaa bchanntara
bchaoui bcharfe
bcheiriye bchelama
bchemche bchemmane
bchenane bchennine
bchile bchimmana
bchirie bdada
bdama bdamah
bdamioun bdamyun
bdarie bdaye
bdayghan bdeirhane
bdirah bdire
bdouqa bduqah
bebek oucharheu bebek oucharhi
bechanntra bechar
bech djourn bech journ
bechlemoun bechmaroun
bechrah bechrarha
bechrarhi bechrarhi
bedda bedriye
behem behlulia
beida bei el roui
beilane beilane keuy
beiloune beit aalayane
beit aaliane beit aali
beit aallane beit aallouni
beit aana beit aaqoul
beit aarab beit aarkouch
beit aasfour beit aayach
beit ablaq beit abou yassine
beit aiyouch beit allu'ni
beit al rafi'ah beit aouane
beit arab beitaroun
beit aslane beit badaa
beit baddour beit baldeur
beit barhim ed dik beit bassett
beit blatet el rharbiye beit chahoud
beit chaibane beit chakouhi
beit chakouni beit charqi
beit cheikh dib beit cheikh oueli
beit chihane beit dahi
beit dahl beit dakhne
beit dakline beit ech chanbour
beit ech cheikh aali beit ech cheikh mtaouej
beit ech cheikh younes beit ed derdara
beit ed dik beit ej jebel
beit ej jehniye beit el aarqoub
beit el aatiq beit el balloute
beit el boustane beit el faroue
beit el khatib beit el mdine
beit el msil beit el qadar
beit el qaddar beit el qalih
beit el qanouta beit enn nabaa
beit er rafiaa beit er raheb
beit erre beit es jehniye
beit es sakhi beit ett tourk
beit ett turk beit fares
beit hammik beit hlal
beitima beit iskanndar
beit ismail beit jabra
beit jabro beit jach
beit jann beit jeha
beit jenn beit jerad
beit jinn beit jnad
beit kammoune beit knisse
beit koumbal beit loukmane
beit miro beit mohammed effenndi
beit moulq beit mouna
beit mouna ouali beit mounla mahmoud
beit msallem beit naasse
beit nafle beit nasser
beit nasser beit nater
beit nayem beit nouaje
beit nouaji beit obeida
beit osmane beit otoq
beit otq beit oueli hassane
beit qamsiye beit qasmiye
beit qatsir beit qraine
beit raqta beit rihane
beit rime beitroum
beit saber beit saham
beit sammoukha beit saqour
beit semmaq beit slame
beit souhine beit soultane
beit taouj beit zahra
beit zahrane beit zaina
beit zanntoute beit zarane
beit ziouane bekfala
bekfaloun bekhdarmo el faouka
bekhdarmo el faouqa bekhdarmo et tahta
bekhdarmo ett tahta bekka
beklifoun bek obassi
bek ovassi belakouch
belaliko belal keuy
belane belas
belikha beli machara
belioun belis
bellane bellirmoun
bello bel marhar
beloua beloun
beloune belouze
belouzi bel virane
bel zouzane faouqani bemleki
benabel benan
bendarak bendi hammam
bene yehuda beni aissa
benie beni hanta
beni isse beni naim
benndar benndirek
benndour bennjara
bennjaro bennyamine
berabou berdikha
berea beremji
berimdje berjane
berkh batane berlehine
berlheine bermana
bermane bernane
berne berne
beroea bertassiya
bertassiye bert jerad
berze beshr'arhi
besmalek besmalekh
besqaye besratoun
bessenndina bessin
bessine bessireh
bestane qobane bestane saleh
bestouar bestuar
bet qazir bezabour
bezabur bezbass
beze bezirka
bezirka rharbi beznaya
bezratoum bezzaq
bezze bfatmoun
bfatmun bghamlikh
bghidin bhamra
bhamrah bhamrat
bhamrate bhannin
bhannine bharmayl
bhermeil bhizzit
bhizzite bhkassoun
bhouraya bhouzi
bhuraya bhuzi
biaiye kebire biaiye serhire
bianoun bianoune
biates biatess
bibar biche
bichmiss bichrah
bichrayel bidayah
bidjane bidoura
bidurah bi herbel
bijan bijane
bijdalah bikfalah
bikfalun bikhdarmu al fawqa
bikhdarmu at tahta biklifun
bilala bilaqbah
bilay bili
biline bilje
bilji billi
billi billin
billine bil wayran
binar `ali binja
binjarah binnesh
binnich binnish
binyamin bir aajam
bir aarab bir aatouane
bi'r `abd allah junayd birabu
bi'r ad damm bi'r ad dulay`iyat
birah biraj
birak birak
bir al `abaydat bi'r al `ajam
bi'r al a`ma bi'r al `itaw
bi'r al jarbu` bi'r al `ubaydat
biraoui bi'r `arab
bi'r ash shamlah bi'r ash shamli
bi'r ash shuqum bi'r as sabah
bi'r as sadrani birat al bab
birat al jabal birat al jurd
birat armanaz birat kaftayn
bi'r `atwan birawi
birayn bi'r az zabad
bi'r bakar bi'r bazan
bir bazane bi'r bazin
bir bazine bir chellal
bir choukm bi'r dahr al faraj
bir dahr el faraj bire
bir ech chamli bir ech chqoum
bir ed damm birein
birek birek
bir el aabaid bir el aabeidate
bir el aama bi'r el abeidate
bir el bakar bir es sabah ferme
biret armanaz biret armenaz
biret ej jebel biret ej jourd
biret el bab biret kafteine
biret kefteine biret kifteine
birett el bab bir habach
bi'r habash bi'r hammud al yusuf
bir harb bir helou
bir herbel bir heurbeul
bi'r hulw bi'r huwaym
birin birin
birine birine
birjan birjane
bi'r jarbu bir kadir
bi'r kannah bir kanni
birkat az zurka bir khallo
bi'r khallu bi'r khan `unaybah
bi'r khneiss birkil bawz
bir maajie bi'r ma`ajilah
bir maajle bi'r mal
birman bi'r mulayhan
bi'r mulayhan birna
birnah birnah
birnih bir nouh
bi'r nuh bir omar
bir rach bir rach zeroual
bi'r rahum bi'r rami
bi'r rash bi'r rash zirwal
bir raza bi'r razah
birrech bi'r sa`id
bir salem bi'r salim
bi'r sana bi'r shallal
bi'r shumri bir tali
bir tchemli bir toueinane
bir tunwaynah bi'r tuwaynan
bi'r `umar biryas
bishah bish jurayn
bish jurn bishlamun
bishmarun bishmata
bishmis bishraghi
bishraghi bishrah
bishra'il bisirramah
bismalikh bisnada
bisnadah bisqayah
bissabt bissin
bissin bissine
bistikoun bistiroun
bistirun bistoun
bistoune bistroun
bistun bistwar
bitmana biyaiye kebire
biyanun biyarat jum`at al mutlaq
biyarat muhammad butman biyatis
bizaa biznaya
bizzah bjam`in
bjarez bjariz
bjerie bjiqis
bjouriye bkarrama
bkas bkerrama
bkhassoum bkhasun
bkoute bkut
blaaline blahlah
blahle blaihoun
blaikba blaikha
bla`lin blaliye
blalye blaqsah
blaqse blaqsih
blas blass
blataa blata
blat`ah blata rharbiye
blat blate
blate blate
blate blate
blay blayhun
blei blemmana
blemmane bleudan
blimmanah blinnta
blinta blisa
bloudan bloudane
bloudene bloune
bloussine blouta
bloutane blouze
blouze blouzet el maraab
blouzet el marqab blqsah
bludan blunah
blusin blutan
bluzah bluzah
bluzah bluzat al marqab
bmalkah bmalke
bmannah bmanne
bnabel bnabil
bnamra bnamrah
bnan bnane
bnin bnine
boarie boariya
bohenane bojrhas
bonane boqaata
boqraoa boqraqa
borha borhadiate
borha faouqani borha tahtani
borhaz borhaz kebire
borhaz orhlou borhaz serhire
borj aabdallo borj aarab
borj abdalo borj ahsane ed daher
borj borj
borj borj el ahmar
borj el has borj el khass
borj el maksour borj el qas
borj el qassab borj er roummane
borj es sama borj haidar
borj islam borj khass
borj qaaye borj rhazzaoui
borj safita bornas
bornass bortouqane
bosana bosor
bosoufane bosra
bosra ech cham bosra el hariri
bosra eski sham bostas
bostra bou aamar
bouab el haoua bouaibiye
bouaida bouaida
bouaida bouaida
bouaidane bouaider
bouaidet ech charqiye bouaidet rouaihaniye
bouaidet rouaihini bouaidet selemiye
bouaidet souaiqate bouaidiye
bouair bouair
bouaita kebire bouaita serhire
bouaitate bouaiti
bouaitikh bouaitiye
bouaitiye bouaitiye
bouarade bouarde
boubline boudjaq
boudora bouedie
boueida boueida ech charquie
boueida er rihaniye boueidet ech charqiye
boughraz bou hardane
boujouje boukein
boulad boulaqi
bouldouk bouldouq
boulos boumechael
bouqqaine bouqros
bouqross bouraa
boura boura ferme
bourak bouraq
bour bourdje
bourgoch bourhaz
bouriss bourjaili
bourj el qas bourj habedaba
bourj haidar bourkoch
bourqoch bourrhol keuy
bourtouqane boussaira
boussane boustane bacha
boustane ed doukha boustane el bacha
boustane el hammam boustane enn najjar
boustane er rihane boustane qabbane
boustane saleh boustanndjiq
bouta boutaiha
boutiniye boutma
boutmiye bouz
bouzlidja bouzlidja charqiye
bouzlidja rharbiye boyane
boz gocan boz gueukli
boz gueutch boz houyuk
boz huyuk boz huyuk faouqani
boz huyuk tahtani boz ochlane
boz orhlane bozrhar
bqaassem bqalli
bqarie bqaryah
bqa`sim bqattaroun
bqattaroune bqattarun
braat brabichbo
brabishbu brabit
brabite brabou
brabra braidij
braiha braij
braij braij
braij er rih braj
bramlikh braq
braq brarhite
brata brate
braykah brazine
brege brehoua
breidj breige
breij breika
breike breissa
breje brhaidate
brhaidid brhailiye
brhamlikh brhidine
briaha bri'ain
briaine brianis
brianiss bri`ayn
brifa brikha
brikhiyah brikhiye
brikiyah brikiye
briqa brisin
brissine briyanis
brouma broummanet el machayekh
broummanet raad bruma
brummanat al masha'ikh brummanat ra`d
bsaissa bsaqla
bsaqlah bsarmoun
bsarmun bsarsar
bsas bsatin
bsatine bsawma`ah
bsayrin bsaysin
bse'ina bseine
bseira bseirine
bseiss faouqani bseissine
bseiss tahtani bselia
bsemmaqa bserama
bserine bserrama
bsessine bshabtah
bshalama bsham`ah
bshamman bshamshah
bsharfah bshawi
bshila bshilah
bshimmana bshinnin
bshiriya bsin diana
bsindiyanah bsinndiane
bsiqa al gharbiyah bsiqa ash sharqiyah
bsiqa bsiqa ech charqiye
bsiqa el rharbiye bsirrama
bsirramah bsoumaa
bsoute bsummaqah
bsut btaale
btaba btaine
btaine btala
bta`lah btallah
btalle btammana
btammouch btammush
btar btarich
btarin btarine
btarish btatine
btemmana bterrhamo
btibat btibate
btihiyah btihiye
btikias btindrah
btinndra btirghamu
btirias btirrin
btiryas bu'ayr
bu'ayr bublin
buday`an budjaq
budur su bugha al fawqani
bugha at tahtani bughaydat
bughaydid bughayliyah
bughaz al kabirah bughaz as saghirah
bughaz bughaz
bughaz ughlu buhsays
bujaq bujghas
bulad bulaykhah
bulbul bulbul
bulduq buloz
bulunyas bulus
buq`ata buqayn
buqjat ghaz buqraqa
buqrus burah
burak buraq
buraq buraq
buraydij burayghit
burayhah burayhu
burayjah burayj ar rih
burayj buraykah
burayqah buraysat as sunayd
bur bureij
bureise bureize
burghul kay burghul kuy
burghuthiyah buris
burj `abd allah burjahab
burj al ahmar burj al hawa
burj al maksur burj al qasab
burj al qas burj `arab
burj ar rumman burj as sama'
burjayli burj
burj burj gharbiyah
burj ghazzawi burj haydar
burj ihsan ad dahir burj islam
burj qaaye burj sharqiyah
burkraka burqush
burraq burtuqanah
busan busaylan
busayliyah busaynah
busayrah busayrah
busayrin busays al fawqani
busays at tahtani buseira
buseire bushayriyah
busra al harir busra al hariri
busra ash sham busra
busra el hariri busrah al hariri
busrah ash sham busra sham
busr el hariri bussan
bustan ad dukha bustan al basha
bustan al bukhar bustan al hammam
bustan `ali hafqar bustan al qabban
bustan al `ubayd bustan an najjar
bustan ar rayhan bustanjiq
bustan salih bustan subayh
bustas butaynah
buthaynah butmah
buwait'at buwaybiyah
buwayda buwaydah ash sharqiyah
buwaydah buwaydah
buwaydah buwaydan
buwaydat as suwayqat buwaydat ruwayhanah
buwaydat ruwayhini buwaydat salamiyah
buwaydir buwaydiyah
buwaytah al kabirah buwaytah as saghirah
buwaytat buwaytikh
buwaytiyah buwaytiyah
buwaytiyah buyan
buyuk dabisah buyuk debisse
buyuk jaqmaq buyuk tchaqmaq
buz awghlan buzaynah
buz buz dagh
buz hayik buz jatsh
buzlijah al gharbiyah buzlijah ash sharqiyah
buzlijah buztabah
buz ughlan bwardah
bza`a bza`ah
bzabour bzabur
bzaft bzafte
bzaine bzaite
bzakmo bzarmo
bzarmu bzaytah
bzeite bzene
caesarea philippi carablus
chaaba chaabet meskene
chaafa chaaf
chaala chaara
chaara chaara
chabaa chabatlie
chabatliye chabbe
chabdarh chabhar
chabiye chabrouniye
chach chach hamdane
chadar chaddade
chaddadi chader
chaderioun chadir
chadka chadouf
chadoui chafaa
chaffounye chafouniye
chafqate chaghedle
chagra chahabiye
chahba chahchour
chahenndjiq chahle
chahranaz chaib
chaikh rhali chaine
chairate chaita
chaitah cheikh ahmed chajara
chajar chakhab
chakka chakra
chakrourane chalabiyah
chalahmi chalakh
chalhoumiye chalikah
chalouh chaltah
chamar chambar faouqani
chambar tahtani chambarte
chamboutine cham
chamie chamir
chamit el mehelbe chamiye
chamiyet el mehelbe chamma
chammouka qibliye chamouqa
chamouqa qibliye chamouqa rharbiye
chamrourane chamsani
chamsaniye chams dine rharbi
chams ed dine chams ed dine chemali
chams ed dine ouastani chams ed dine rharbi
chamsin chamsine
chamsine chanaa
channdrich channhassa
channhassa chanouriye
chaouah chaoui
chaoukatliye chaoukatliye
chaouk chaoura
chaq hab chaqif
chaqqa chaqqet enn nhaile
chaqra chaqra
charabaniye charabati
charafiye charaklie
charann charannli
charaqliye charhedle
charher bazar charhourite
chariaa charifiye
chariflo charje
charqannli charra
charrifa chas
chat'ha el faouqa chat' ha ett tahta
chattaye chazzana
chbate chbeke
chbello chbirane
chboubiye chdoud
cheboq cheddaita
chedoud chehil
cheikh aabd er rahmane cheikh aabeid
cheikh aali cheikh aali el kourdi
cheikh aali kassoum cheikh aali kassoun
cheikh aalouane cheikh aaqil
cheikh abd el qader cheikh abd er rahmane
cheikh abdul rahmane cheikh abiad
cheikh abmed cheikha
cheikh ahmad cheikh ahmed
cheikh ahmed cheikh aissa
cheikh aissa cheikh aissa ech chemali
cheikh akil cheikh ali
cheikh alouane cheikh bader
cheikh barake cheikh beder
cheikh brahim cheikh dames
cheikh damess cheikh dane
cheikh dann cheikh derrate
cheikh djaber cheikh ed deir
cheikh ej jemal cheikh el arbaaine
cheikh el hadid cheikh el hami
cheikh el heme cheikh el khodor
cheikh el kif cheikh hadid
cheikh hamid cheikh hassan
cheikh hassane cheikh hassane
cheikh hlal cheikh ibrahim
cheikh ibrahim cheikh idris
cheikh idriss cheikh issa
cheikh jaber cheikh jarrah
cheikh kanni cheikh khalil
cheikh khorous cheikh khoroz
cheikh kif cheikh kilo
cheikhldris cheikh mannsour
cheikh meskine cheikh moustafa
cheikh moustapha cheikh nadjar
cheikh najjar cheikh nasser
cheikh obassi cheikh ovassi
cheikh qamar cheikh rhali
cheikh saad cheikh saad
cheikh said cheikh sayad
cheikh sinndiane cheikh sinndiane el qibli
cheikh tchobane cheikh yahia
cheikh zayad cheikh zayate
cheikh ziyate cheimate
cheirek cheizar
chejif ed dheibe chejif qirouali
chekariye chelakh
chellal chellale kebire
chellale serhire chellali kebire
cheloye chemaisse
chemaliyate chemeise
chemsine chenchar
cheneine chenie
chenlsse chenndakhiate
chennire chenniye
cheqq el aajouz cheragrag
cheranli cheraqraq
cherbiaa cherkanli
chermoukh cherrife
chertaane cheyarie
ch'hail ch'hil
chibaniye chibirane
chidar chidi
chiha chiha
chiha chikh meskine
chilfatie chilfatiye
chillakh chillarha
chillhara chillif
chiltah chimrine
chine chinnchar
chinndakha chioukh faouqam
chioukh faouqani chioukh tahtani
chirane chir
chir chir el kharab
chir el qaq chirrane
chkaret ed dahh chkaret el bahri
chlfatiye chlouh
chmaisse chmaisse
chmaisse chmaitiye
chmamis chmamiss
chmareq chmarine
chmassiye chmeteiye
chmitane chmitane rafe
chnane chnine
choban bey chob virane
choka chomit el mehelbe
chorba orhlou chorhour el qadim
chouahid chouaib
chouaiha chouaihane
chouaihane serhir chouaihdate
chouaihet chadar chouaihet khaznaoui
chouaije chouaikhet najjar
chouailikh chouairiyate
chouar'rha chouarrhat ej joz
chouarrhat el arz chouar' rhet ej jaouz
chouarrhet ej joz chouarrhet el arz
choube merkez choub merkez
choueichniye choueiha
choueira bichriye choueira
chouelikh chouha
chouirine choukhrech faouqani
choukhrech tahtani choulline
choumarie choumariye
choune choura
choura chourek
chouti chqairiye
chrachir chraihi
chraime chreiaane
chrhaidle chtabrho
chtaib chtera
chuleh chulparat tahtani
circesium couchenie
crac des chevaliers cueul jebraine
daadouchiye daail
daal dabaa
dabaa dabaa
dabaa dabaa kebir
dabaa serhir daba
dab`ah al kabir dab`ah as saghir
dab`ah dab`ah
dab`ah dab`ah saghir
dab`at al milli dab`at kabir
dabbabiyah dabba
dabbaiye dabbanah
dabbane dabbayah
dabboura dabboussiye
dabburah dabbusiyah
dab` dabe
dabess dabie
dabik dabiq
dabis dabiyah
dabiye dabka
dablanah dablane
dablisiyah dabshiyah
dabyan dachiche
dadat dadate
dadicha dadigh
dadikh dadishah
dadli da`dushiyah
dael daffah
daffe dafil
daftardar daghdaghan
daghdaghan daghilyash
daghlah dagh ubasi
dagouane dahabiye
dahal dahayek
dahdah dahla
dahlah dahl
dahr abou qerme dahr abu qerma
dahr abu qurmah dahr ad dis
dahr ad duwayr dahr al bayatirah
dahr al hajar dahr al kabir
dahr al mahchale dahr al matla`
dahr al matn dahr an nasrani
dahr as safra' dahr bashir
dahr bchir dahr ed douair
dahr el biatra dahr el diss
dahr el hajar dahr el kebir
dahr el mahchale dahr el metene
dahr enn nasrani dahriye
dahr mahchale dahr matar
dahr matrou dahr matru
dahr safra' dahr safrah
dahrye da`il
daine dair duma
dair hanna dair ibrahim
dairouna dairutan
dairutan mhalbe dakar
dakchouriye dakhiliyah
dakikah dakir
dakshuriyah dakwanah
dalaboz dalaouza
dalaq magharah dalawi karah
dalbah dalbe
dalbiyah dalbouz
dalbuz dalhah
dalhah dalhamiye
dali dali fa'r
dallak dallaouiye
dallaouiye serhir dallawiyah as saghirah
dallawiyah dalluzah
daloue dalwah
dama damad
damah daman
damasco damascus
damas damaskus
damasrakho damat al `aliyah
damat damate
damet el aaliye damet el alia
damet el `aliye daminah ash sharqiyah
daminat al gharbiyah daminat ash sharqiyah
damir damlakhiyah al kabirah
damlakhiyah as saghirah damlakhiyah kabirah
damlakhiye kebire damlakhiye serhire
dammeseq damsarkho
damsarkhu dana
dana danadouchane
danah danaji
dana koi dana tawshan
dandane orhlou dandaniyah
dandan ughlu dandushan
danha danhah
danndane orhlou danndaniye
dannli qouyou dannun khan
daouadiye daouchane
daoudiye daqouriye
daquriyah dara charqi
dara dar`a
darah al gharbi darah ash sharqi
daraiya daraiye
dara keupru dar al `abid as sud
dar al `adid as sud dar al `izzah
dar al khattab dar al wakarah
dara rharbi dar as salam
dar as salamlam dar as suryani
darat darat `izzah
daraya daraye
darayir qibli darayya
darayyah darb an nawb
darb an nub darbashiyah
darbasiyah darb at taht
darbazin al fawqani darbazin al wastani
darbazin at tahtani darbazin
darb enn nob darb ett taht
darb hasan darb hassane
dar bsida dar bsidah
darbul dardarah
dardariyah dardariye
dareiya dar el `izze
dar el kebire dar el salam
dar el selamlam dar es salam
dar es salamlam darflit
darflite darghanu
dar ghazalah darguir
dar hagolan dar hammouch
dar hammush dar hamouch
darhdarhane darhdarhane
darheu qara omar darhla bach
darhla bash darhla dach
darhle darh obassi
darh ovasseu darh ovassi
darik darious
dariyah dar ja'zeh
dar khabiyah dar khabiye
dar kharab darkir
darkouch darkush
dar ma`arrat dar maarrate
darmashkanli darmina
darminah darmine
dar mohammed aziz dar muhammad `aziz
darnaj darouichane
darouich obassi dar rhazale
dar rhazali dar shemail
dar siriani dar taazze
dar ta`izah dar ta`izzah
dart azze darti
daruna arha darwishan
darwishiyah darwish ubasi
daryus dashishah
dashishih dawh li tagh
dawkar dawli dagh
dawli tagh dawshan
dawudiyah daybarak kaytikan
dayej dayij
dayn dayr ad dijlah
dayr al `adas dayr al `asafir
dayr al bishl dayr al bukht
dayr al fardis dayr al gharbi
dayr al hajar dayr `ali
dayr al jamal dayr al jimal
dayr al jurd dayr al-zor
dayr antah dayr ash sharqi
dayr as salib dayr as salt
dayr `atiyah dayr ayyub
dayr `aziz dayr az zawr
dayr az zur dayr ba`albah
dayr bahdal dayr ballut
dayr duma dayr fur
dayr ghabiyah dayr gharnu
dayr hafir dayr hanna
dayr hanta dayr huwayt
dayr ibrahim dayrik birak
dayrik dayr ishman
dayr khabiyah dayr makir
dayr mama dayr mama
dayr mar hirr dayr mar ilyas
dayr nattah dayr qanun
dayr qaq dayr quruh
dayr salibah dayr salman
dayr salunah dayr sam`an
dayr sawwan dayr shamil
dayr shumayyil al fawqani dayr shumayyil at tahtani
dayr shumayyil dayr sim`an
dayr siras dayr sunbul
dayr tuma dayrun agha
dayrunah dayrunah
dayrutan al mahalibah dayrutan
dayr `uthman dayr yasin
dayr zaytun dayshiyah
dayyil dbaiqa
dbeibiye dbeiqa
dbissane debaa kebir
debbabie debbabiye
deblane defterdar
degar deichiye
deil el aajil deir aali
deir aatiye deir aaziz
deir `ali deir annta
deir atieh deir `atiye
deir baalbe deir baalbeh
deir bahdal deir b'alba
deir balloute deir chmail
deir chmail faouqani deir chmail tahtani
deir djemal deir douma
deir ech charqi deir ej jamal
deir ej jamat deir ej jourd
deir el aadass deir el aassafir
deir el assifir deir el bichl
deir el boukht deir el fardis
deir el fardiss deir el fardisse
deir el ferdis deir el hajar
deir el haoua deir el jamal
deir el jemal deir el rharbi
deir es salib deir es salt
deir es smaane deir es smane
deir ez zoar deir ez zor
deir four deir ghabiye
deir hafer deir hafero
deir hafir deir hanna
deir hanta deir hbach
deir ibrahim deirik brak
deirik deir kanoun
deir kanun deir khabiye
deir khabye deir kush
deir maker deir mama
deir mama deir mar elias
deir mar lias deir osmane
deirouna arha deiroun
deiroune deiroune
deiroutane deiroutane mhalbe
deir qanoun deir qanun
deir qaq deir salibe
deir salmane deir saloune
deir samaane deir selouane
deir seloune deir shemil
deir slouni deir solman
deir souane deir sounbol
deir sras deir touma
deir-y- chemil deir zzor
deiyel dekaka
dek dekir
dekouane delaoui guire
delavi guire delavi kana
delavi kara delbe
delbiya delha
deliafar delibi
dendaole dendeh oghlou
deneibe deqar
deraa der`a
deraya derbachi
derbachiye derbassiye
derbazine arhatchli derbazine
derbazine faouqani derbazine ouastani
derbazine tahtani derbisiye
derbol derdara
derdara derdara
derdariye dere kish
dere marhar derik
derkaq derkouch
derkouk derkush
dermachkannli dernej
derouiche ovassi derouna arha
derr el aadass derrhamo
derrharno derriye
dersouene dfil
dhahabiyah dhahr safra
dhairej dhakir
dhayl al `ijl dheile
dhi'abiyah dhi'bat tall ahmad
dhu'aybah dhukayr
dhu marha dhunaybah
dhurti dibah
diban diban
dibane dibat tall ahmad
dibbach dibbash
dibbin dibbin
dibbine dibbine
dibchiye dibe
dibet tell ahmed dibin
dibine diblane
dibrak kitkan dibrak shaykhan
dibrek cheikhane dibrek
dibrek kitkane dibrik
dibshiyah dibsi aafnane
dibsi `afnan dibsi faraj
dibsiyah dibsiye
didban didbane
dienntamer charbi dienntamer charqi
dienntamer sharqi dier djemal
dier el fardiss difah
dife diffe
diffeh difih
diguel dihbach
dihbash dik darah
dik dere dik
dikiyah dikiye
dikmah tash dilafi qarah
dilk marhar dille
dilli diman
dimane dimas
dimashk al-sham dimashk
dimashq dimeshki esh sham
dimishq dimou
dimu dionysia
diouane faouqani diouane foukani
diouane tahtani diouan tahtani
diqqaqa diqqar
dirbashiyat farqalu dirbassiyeh
dirghamu dirghanu
dirriyah dirwana agha
ditch ditsh
diwan al fawqani diwan at tahtani
diwar diyabah
diyabiye diyo
diyu djaafar mansour
djabboul djabrieh
djafra djalaghine
djalghoum djamous virane
djarablous djaramana
djassine djdeideh
djebab djebbine
djebboul djeble
djed ain djeddeine
djeddoua djedeide
djehamane djeilake
djeiqma kebire djekke
djeleme djellik
djemo djenate salame
djennderess djerablous
djerablous tahtani djerah
djerbouaie djeridjir
djeroud djerud
djeubbeul djeulbeul
djibrine djilliqa
djimmache djinate
djine djinnderess
djiouik djisr el choghour
djmmache djni salame
djouaniye djoub ali
djoubb ej jarrah djoubb el aarous
djoub el abeyed djoub el barazie
djoub el hamza djoub el kelb sghire
djoub es soultane djoub ghabchi
djoubi djoub khemis
djoub maadi djoum koufar
djourne rach faouqani djournik tahtani
djourouf dkaike
dkeile dkeile jenoubi
dkheira dkouk
dlaibate dlaibe
dlama dlatbate
dmaine ech charquie dmaine el gharbie
dminet ech charqiye dminet el rharbiye
dnaibe dnaibe
dneibe dnin
dnine dobbine
dokmak doknouk
doli darh donnrhouz
donnrhouz kebir donnrhouz mrhara
donnrhouz serhir donrhoz
donrhoz mrhara doroa
douaibe douaibe
douaibiq douaich
douaiderli douaili
douair baabda douair
douair douair
douair douair
douair ech charqi douair ech cheikh saad
douair ech chiff douair ech chilf
douair el aaouainiye douair el akrad
douair el haoua douair el khatib
douair el machayekh douair el mallouaa
douair el rharbi douair ett tlaiai
douair ez zaitoun douairine
douairke douair maatouq
douair raslane douair taha
douair zaitoun douaissate
doudane douderli
doudiane doueibiye
doueile doueilib
doueir doueir el ouahoua
doueir el quahoua douer el qatib
douer zeitoune dougueur
dougueurka douknouk
doukri doulg mrhar
doulq marhar doulq mrhar
douma douma
douma doumane
doumar doumazine
doumdoum doummar
douneibe doura
dourakli douraqli
dourhaniye dourhouz kebir
dourine dourine
douriye doussariye
douzek draij
draikich draikich
draikich zraib draissiyate
draykikh dreibaae
dreij dreikeesh
dreikich droubiye kbire
droubiye kebire droubiye serhire
droubiye sghire drouqiye
du`aybilah dubaybiyah
dubayqah dudan
dudiyan dufaynat juwayfat
dughaniyah duhaylah
duhayrij dukaylah
dukhayrah dukhkhan
duknik duknuk
dukri dukuk
dukur dulamah
dulaybah dulk maghar
dulq maghar duma
duma duma
dumayr dumazin
dumdum dummar
dunaybah dunaybah
dunghuz al kabir dunghuz as saghir
dunghuz dunghuz magharah
duqmaq durakli
duraqli duraybi`ah
durayjik duraykish
duraykish duraykish zurayb
duraysiyat dureikish
durin akrad durin
durin durubiyah al kabirah
durubiyah as saghirah duwadiyah
duwaybah duwaybidah
duwaybiq duwaydirli
duwaylah duwaylib
duwayr al akrad duwayr al gharbi
duwayr al hawa' duwayr al khatib
duwayr al mallu`a duwayr al masha'ikh
duwayr al `uwayniyah duwayr ash sharqi
duwayr ash shaykh sa`d duwayr ash shilf
duwayr at tulay`i duwayr az zaytun
duwayr ba`abda duwayr ba`abdah
duwayr b`abda duwayr
duwayrikah duwayrinah
duwayritah duwayr ma`tuq
duwayr raslan duwayr taha'
duwayr tahah duwaysat
duwayshan duwaysh
duwur ba`abda duz aghaj
duzak duz arhatch
ebbine ebou dame
ech chaafa ech chaata
ech chach ech chafouniye
ech chahba ech chahta
ech chajara ech chajar
ech chamel ech chammassiye baouaa
ech chariaa ech cheikh aissa
ech cheikh bader ech cheikh badr
ech cheikh moustapha ech cheikh youssef
ech chiha ech chiha
ech chir ech chir
ech chmaisse ech chomra
ech choqouq ech chqouq
ech chreime ech tchamel
edalett ed dahdah
ed dahr ed dahr
ed dai ed dala
ed dali ed dana
ed dannbiye ed daoucha
ed daoudiye ed dara
ed dbarha ed delbe
ed derdara ed dir
ed djini ed djoufeire
ed doche ed douailiye
ed douair ed douairi
ed douali ed douche
ed douga ed douqa
ed doura ed dour
ed dousse ed draij
edline edsaya
ein-al-arab ein zivan
eithal ej jafaa
ej jafa ej jajiye
ej jamle ej jamliye
ej jammassiye ej janoudiye
ej jdaide ej jdaide
ej jdaide ej jdeide
ej jdeiya ej jdeiye
ej jdide ej jeiyed
ej jid ej jine
ej jini ej jnaine
ej joura ej jrabiyate
ej jrada ej jrade
el aabakiye el aachara
el aachini el aadime
el aafech el aafine
el aakerchi el aal
el aaliye el aaliye
el aalleiqa el aallouch
el-aallouch el aalmiye
el aamara el aamia
el aamiya el aamriye
el aamriye el aanata
el aanate el aaneze
el aannkaoui el aannz
el aannz el aaoueine
el aaoueir el aaouja
el aaouje el aaqraa
el aareime el aareimi
el aareini el aarid
el aatchane el aatne
el achara el adriye
el afch el afech
el `ahire el akbe
el `al el algara
el aliqa el aliye
el alliqa el amara
el amie el anate
el aodje el aqraa
el aqra el aqras
el araime el arame
el arii el asleha
el assaadiye el atareb
el ateibe el `atne
el audja el `auja
el azraq el bab
el bahluliye el bahra
el bajiliye el baqara
el bara el bardoune
el bared el bared
el barouze el basriye
el bassa el bassa
el basse el baweida
el beida el beida
el beitaroun el benndechi
el bennde el bid
el bire el bire
el bire el birke
el bitariye el biye
el boghaz el bor'ham
el borha serhir el borj
el borj el bouab
el bouaida el bouaida
el bouaid el bouair
el bouair el bouaite
el boudi el bouite
el bourhaz el boustane
el boustane el boutaiha
el braij el breika
el breike el btaine
el budi el bureike
el by el cadi
el faaouri el fahham
el faouri el farate
el farroukhiye el fhail
el fiqaa el ftassiye
el gasbieh el gata
el ghabra el ghajar
el ghajar el ghuzlaniye
el habes el hachimiye
el hadeth el hadidi
el hadine el hafar
el hafir el hairate
el hajar el hajeb
el hamdaniye el hame
el hamidiya el hamma
el hammam el hammam
el hammam el hamoud
el hamra el hamra
el hamrane el hamrat
el hanou el hanoute
el haouaz el haoueya
el haouiye el haour
el haouye el hara
el hara el harayek
el harisse el harra
el haryek el haseke
el hasra el hattane
el haul el hazem
el hazzani el heimer
el heiza el helaliye
el hemir el hermel
el hiche el hiche
el hidjane el hijane
el hijjane el hikkiye
el hirme el hite
el hol el hool
el horte charqi el horte rharbi
el houach el houaije
el houaiya el houaiye
el houaiz el houez
el houssaine el houte
el houti el hraif
el hraik el hrak
eli `al el idrissiye
el imtune el janoudiye
el jirabyat el joukhadar
el jozie el judeide
el judeide el kafer
el kafra el kafr
el kalmoukh el kanater
el kanawat el karaa
el karak el katar
el kaum el kayer
el kaziye el kelbie
el kelbiye el kerame
el kfair el khaibe
el khaibot el khane
el khanndaq el kharayeb
el khemaissiye el khiara
el khoulla el khraibate
el khraibe el khraibie
el khushniye el kita
el kom el kouaiye
el koubar el koum
el koum el kour
el koursi el koussar
el koute el kraim
el kraiye el kreye
el kseib el kufrein
el kuneitra el kursi
el kushniye el ladhaqiye
el ladhiqiya el lani
el laobe el laqbe
el latamne el ledje
el louhabiye el maajoun
el ma`arra el mabaoudje
el mach'had el mahjar
el mahmouri el majaihiye
el majamiaa el majdel
el makri el mal
el malha el maliye
el mannsiye el mantar
el maoured el marami
el massaoudiye el mazhal
el mazle el mazra`a
el mazraa el mazraat
el mchair el mchairfe
el mchairfe el mchairfe
el mcherfi el mecherfe
el mecherfe el mecherfiye
el medine el melk
el mes `ade el mesadi
el meshta el mesmiye
el meten el metoune
el mezioune el mezraa
el mezze el mijouiye
el mina el misrab
el mjaidel el mjaihiye
el mohajirin el mohammadiye
el mouaa el mouaileh
el moubarekie el mouchannaf
el mouchati el moudaouara
el moudaouar el moueilih
el mouh el mouneidri
el mountar chimtane el mountar
el mountar el mourad
el moustariha el moutaaiye
el mreije el mrhair
el mrhair el mrhara
el mrheir el mrheir
el msil el mtoune
el mujeidil el museifire
el mushennef el osmaniye
el ouadi el ouaibde
el ouarhi el ouasta
el qabou el qadmus
el qalaa el qamishliye
el qanafed el qanaouat
el qanater el qanawat
el qaryatein el qasr
el qasr roueida el qastal
el qataa el qata
el qatar el qayer
el qerrame el qlaa
el qlaila el qleile
el qnaitra el qouriye
el qoussair el qoussair
el qraiyate el qraiyate
el qraiye el qraiye
el qraiye el qtaife
el quadi el qudanni
el qunawat el quneitra
el quseir el rastane
el rhabra el rhafar
el rhaida el rhannta
el rhannto el rhaoui
el rhasbiye el rhassoule
el rhazale el rhazli
el rheila el rhonnsle
el rom el rouess
el runter el safsaf
el yabse el yaqoussa
emesa endivar
en naoura en nebk
en nishabiye ennkhel
enn nachfe enn nahal
enn nahr enn najeh
enn nakhl enn naour
enn nasriye enn niha
enn noukhaile en noukaile
en noukhaile en nueime
en ziwan epiphaneia
epiphania erdjelane
erdjemane erdjile
erek erhab
er'habi eriha
erine ernab
ernaz er rafiaa
er raha er raheb
er ramadi er raqme
er rassif er rastan
er ratouniye er razaaiye
er razaniye er rbaya
er ressafe er rhabra
er rhaila er rihane
er rouaida er rouaiss
er rouaiss er rouass
er roubba er rouiye
er roummane er rouqeita
er ruzaniye esbata
esbite es ghariye esh sherkiye
esh sham eski djeleme
esriya es saada
es saadane es saane
es sa`an es sabakh
es sada es saene
es safeh es safra
es safsafe es safsaf
es sahel es-sajer
es salhiya es salhiye
es salihiye es sammouna
es sanamein es sannamain
es saouara es sarmiye
es sbah es sbita
es shah es shita
es shquq es sijine
es sijn es siker
es sindiana es sinndiane
es sit rhalie es slouqiye
es slouqiye es snobar
es soda es souaide
es souaiha es souar
es soussa es soussane
es sraj es starhe
es starke es sterke
es sukhne es summakiyat
es suweida es suweidiya
esterki et taibe
et talle et taoube
ett chmaisse et teiha
et tekiye et tekkie
et tell el ahmar et temmaze
et tloul et touni
ett taass ett tach
ett tah ett taibe
ett taibe ett talaa
ett tamarqiye ett taouani
ett taoube ett teh
ett teiha ett tell
ett temmaze ett tkiye
ett tloul ett toueibe
ett toune ett toun
ett touni ett traimisse
ett traimse ett troute
eukuz qouyou ezmerin
ezraa ezra
ezrra ez zaine
ez zaitoune ez zallo
ez zaoube ez zarqa
ez zerbe ez ziara
ez znoud fachkoul
fadaghmi fadda
fadghami fadirah
fadle fadli
fadrhami fafertine
fafine fafin
fafirtine fafirtin
fah fahham
fahil faida
fa'idah faidiye
fa'ij failoun
fairouze fakhariye
fakhaura fakhoura
fakhoura fakhurah
fakhurah fakkat ad dayla`
falastine falastin
falita falitah
fallah ar rabu fallah
fallinah fan al qibli
fan al wastani fan ash shamali
fan ash shimali fane ech chemali
fane ech chimali fane el ouastani
fane el qibli fanik
fanusiyah faou chaouich
faouqani faq`at wadi ad dab`ah
faqi hasan faqi hassane
faqira faqirah
faqra faqrat ad darbuliyah
faqrat al hamad faqro
faqru faras al kabir
faras as saghir faras kabir
faras saghir farass kebir
farass serhir farech kaabiye
farhah farhiyah baqqarah
farhiyah farhiyah harb
far'hiye baggara far'hiye
far'hiye harb farish ka`biyah
farjah farj
farjin farkah
farkiya farouane
farqalus farrouje
farrujah farsouk kebir
farsouk serhir farsuk al kabir
farsuk as saghir farsuk kabir
farwan farzala
fasan fashik
fashkul fassane
fatah nassar fataine
fatimah fatim al `arnuq
fatire fatiro
fatisah fatisah
fatme fatsa
fatsat `abd isma`il fatsat `ali bayram
fatsat al kusun fatsat ath thayb
fatse fatse
fawra fa'w shawish
faydat as sinn faydiyah
fayej fayij
fayij tahmaz fayj
faylun fayruzah
fayruzah fayruz
fayruziyah fayyad al kaff
fazara fazarah
fazin fechitch
fedre feeq
fefine feiruze
feirziye fejdane
felleh fenik
feqeh ferja
ferjine fhaile
fick fidio
fidyu fig
fik fikha el kebire
fikha es serhire fikhah al kabirah
fikhah as saghirah fikhet el adjari
filik findarah
findarah finlah
finndara finndara
finndaro fiq
fiqiaa firaq
fir`awniyah firkaiya
firkaya firs el kebir
firs el serhir fitiro
flaifel flasqo
flasqu flitah
fnaitiq forkloss
forqloss fouaa
fou'a fouairsate ech charqiye
fouairsate el rharbiye fourgloss
fourqloss fraike
fraike franndiss
fraq fraykih
fraykih freihane barabra
freihane freirie
freji freriye
frihie frihiye
fsasqo ftah nassar
ftaih ftime el aarnouq
ftim el aarnouq ftiru
fu`a fu`ah
fuhaylah fukhaykha
fulayfil fulqiya
funaytiq furaydan
furayhan barabirah furayhan barbarah
furayhan furayhiyah
furayji furaykah
furaykah furaytan
furqlus fuwayqah
fuwayrisat al gharbiyah fuwayrisat ash sharqiyah
gajar el amir garatchane
garoutiye garraya